The Run Up to Lent … A Little Truth …

sts109-sinai b

I realized a few things in the past hour.

The first day of Spring falls on March 20th. The second thing is that Liturgical Season of Lent begins on Wednesday March 5th. With the imposition of ashes in Catholic Tradition.

I sent a note off to a friend just now, admitting some truths that have risen on my dashboard.

Winter has not been kind to all of us. And some of my fellows have fallen into the “poor me” trap and the “oh, will it please end” trap and the “constantly complaining” trap.

And If I am honest with  myself, I have not been very charitable. And I have certainly not been very patient. And I have let my anger pour out of my mouth before engaging my brain or my heart. Compassion has gone by the wayside opting for shock and awe…

Not a very Christian ideal by any stretch.

With Lent, we get 40 days to reflect on our lives, not that we shouldn’t reflect every day of our lives, but we get the opportunity to engage with the passion of Jesus and the run towards Easter.

Thankfully Easter candy is available right now in most stores.

That is neither here nor there.

I have been in a certain penitent mode as of late. Keeping my head down and not speaking at certain points. For it is sometimes better not to say something, lest I stick my foot in my mouth, all the way up to my thigh.

It is the end of the month. And that never bodes well, when there are raw issues on the table for conscious minds of God to deal with. And I must take my ego out of the equation and let God take the wheel.

Spending a good portion of my time in rooms day after day is tasking. Living in community with the people you love and sometimes hate in the same breath is consuming. I don’t know what that says about me, but being in such close contact with my fellows day in and day out has become a chore. Not a joy.

It could be Winter, it could be age. It could be me. It could be them.

It could be that we are all feeling a bit cabin fever being shut in day and night from the cold and the only time we get out is for a meeting and then all hell breaks loose because people do not have any other place to vent their shit then in a meeting in front of each other.

Here is where tolerance and patience and charity come to bear.

I’ve not been practicing very well. And that is my fault. I have not been mindful of my brethren. I have not been mindful of myself.

Which means I need to step up my prayers. For them and for me.

Just because you have time, does not mean you are necessarily sober.

I’ve not been very sober. It seems. I will rectify this …

More to come, stay tuned …

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