Saturday … Here and There

tumblr_lm0qeoS9cG1qf1x86o1_500 christopherjordan

Courtesy: ChristopherJordan

It is the weekend. Light snow is falling. Although it is a bit milder tonight, but the cold continues for next week.

Last night I traveled to St. Viateur for the meeting. It was another nice Friday evening with friends. I am finding it a problem that one particular guest is showing up at the meeting, and there is bad blood between us. The last words spoken between us were not pleasant, therefore I am on my guard as it is with him in the room.

I did not share on the topic once again. There was nothing that sparked my mind to share in any case.

The transit Gods were with me because it was a sweet transit out and back.

Today I began formally working my steps with my sponsor. it is good that I get to check in every day with him and speak about the day. I need to bring up my recent issues to see what he has to say about them.

I did all the homework assigned for Step One this evening and emailed it to him. Saturday is always hit and miss for television. Until of course Saturday Night Live later on.

More to come tomorrow, stay tuned …

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