Sunday Sundries … You Hit Bottom When You Stop Digging !!!

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Courtesy: Tylerbear

The Oscars are on right now … yes, right now …

The only film I saw that is nominated is Dallas Buyers Club.

It was a regular Sunday as it goes. I was off to an early start and as soon as I finished set up, folks started turning up. We sat a normal compliment of folks, even with the events coming this evening.

And Jared Leto just won an Oscar ! FABULOUS !!

Today’s story, “A Student of Life” told by a woman, had many common facets to her story that I identified with. I guess you could say that a normal life would be growing up, high school, college, a good job … you know the story.

That was not my journey. I did graduate High School, Albeit, by the skin of my teeth. I did a year in a junior college and a year in seminary, and we all remember how that turned out … I did not make the cut.

So began the litany of short lived jobs, geographic moves and the ever present problem … alcohol.

The opening salvo into adulthood, I was wrapped up in my alcoholism to my own detriment. And that lasted almost a decade. The first point of intervention came at 26, the second came at 34.

Our writer talks about coming in contact with another alcoholic. Alone we are stuck in a place that we found ourselves in without a way out. But once we come in contact with a second alcoholic, the miracle happens.

That was my experience. The first time was a gift, the second time I had to work for it, like never before. If not for the young man who came into my life, somehow, by divine intervention, I would not have gotten here.

“But just as material losses are not necessary to indicate alcoholism, material gains are not the true indication of sobriety.”

Like our writer here, I know who I am today. And like all of my fellows, we are learning how to “Live in the solution.”

There was not much success when I was out there drinking. I can say that my first attempt at sobriety was successful, I survived the worst time in my life because of the men that were in my life.

I see success in the fact that I lived. When so many died around me.

The second time around afforded me a grace because I believe that the geographic I pulled in sobriety, set me up for what was to come, and let me tell you that it did not come easily, or overnight. It took years.

And God has been good to me. Today I have everything I need today. And I live (for the most part) in gratitude. Sometimes I need to be reminded.

I do as I am told. I go to meetings. I work with others. I AM working my steps as we speak with my sponsor, and I call him every day.

You know what, I really find strength in knowing that I have someone to call every day, someone who is interested in my success, who fights for me, even when I can’t see it. That is what I really wanted.

Someone I can be accountable to – on a daily basis.

Not that I am not accountable to my husband and my fellows. I am.

It just brings me a great amount of peace having him in my life.

And now back to the Oscars.

More to come, stay tuned …



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