Facing the Music

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It was another beautiful day, but this is the calm before the real storm.

We are under a Winter Storm Warning tonight. Snow will come down and quite possibly, when all is said and done, 20 cm of snow should fall. Which means snarled travels, and snow removing operations will be needed come the weekend.

I did some last minute shopping on the way home so I do not have to go out of the house tomorrow. I won’t have to go out until Thursday.

I set out this evening and the trains were all working quite well. The sun has been shining and with the new windows in the space we are in, we get the evening sun set.

It was a small crowd and we read from A.B.S.I. – Facing the Music.

“Are you really placing recovery first, or are you making it contingent upon other people, places or circumstances?”

Shares were all over the place on this one. The passage talks about making right decisions and facing the music right where we are and utilizing the program to do these things.

There really was no music to face, except that I could not drink any more, after coming to that conclusion this last time. There was no loss nor people to make amends to or issues that were outstanding.

I had 4 months of decompression and time in the program again prior to moving here. And Like I’ve said already, I hope I don’t have to take another drink, again … One day at a time.


Sobriety comes first, no matter what, why or who.

I learned that lesson when I came here. I rooted and got active. And I’ve maintained my sober routine for a long time now. It seems to work for me. Before I make a decision, I run it past someone, hubby or my sponsor. If I need anything, I take that need to a meeting.

I was given a fridge magnet some time ago that says:

“I Always do the right thing, after I’ve tried everything else.”

That keeps me mindful of not wasting the right decision. Not wasting my time circling the drain. Just do it the right way the first time.

I completed my Step 2 tonight. It is a step that can be utilized in many areas of life, not only sobriety.

Keep it simple. Don’t drink today, call your sponsor and get to a meeting. If you do these things, one day at a time, you won’t ever have to drink again.

Step 2 – practice … Speak to another alcoholic. I did that tonight.

The storm is coming, stay tuned …

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