Sunday Sundries … Why??? St. Patty's Day Parade in the Cold

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It is Sunday, and it has come and almost gone.

We are sitting at (-12c/-21 w.c.) at this hour.

Today was a drunks paradise. The annual St. Patty’s Day parade took place earlier today. There was sunshine, and that was the only good thing, because it was COLD ! I could hear the parade from our balcony.

When I departed around 4:30 there were stragglers or hanger’s on in front of the Karaoke Bar and the Sports Depot restaurant on the corner. Leaving our building there were remnants of party goers all over the place, as is usual.

I think the cold played a part in steeling down the crowds, who wouldn’t be hanging around outside for any length of time.

I made good time to the church. Set up was a breeze. I brought out more chairs than we needed, because last week we sat them all and then some. We sat a good crowd, even with the cold. Lots of folks were jittery because of the parade and the swilling of alcohol all over the place.

Our reading tonight is all about the BIG WHY?

“Because I’m Alcoholic.”

Another adventure story about the pitfalls of the drink, when you drink to excess, and life becomes unmanageable. Lots of identifying. I enjoy listening to our young people parse certain readings, because they give us fresh eyes on an old problem.

But then there is the BIG HOW !!!

Another thread that popped up was the “finding who you are when you end the drunken hunt for more, and start working a program of recovery.”

That is a common theme. We move from the sketchy life of illusion and fantasy, when we continue to try and reinvent who we are believing that alcohol is some magic elixir that is going to transform us into someone all brand new, with all the right words, tools and friends, to a sober, one day at a time, self renewal, when the real “US” starts to appear.

There is a zinger line at the end of the story that came as a surprise.

And from one of our women came the one word I can’t get enough of:


I’ve said before that when I came in, I hunted, then I rooted, and then I stayed. I had many places to go, but I stayed in One of them. I stayed for all these years. And as happens, some familiar faces show up here and there, folks I watched come in, come to and meet God.

Our young people do not practice stick and stay very well.

Some are over achievers, some are still stuck in old patterns and some haven’t yet decided on where they think they should be. But I see signs that some are settling down and return to the same spaces for the past few weeks.

Just so you know, for all you over achievers … and workaholics …

Even God took a Day Off …

The other night I was at my Friday meeting and a friend was there, hiding in the back row, with a highlighter in one hand, a book in the other and his phone in his lap. And I said to him … “this hour is about you, and not about homework, take an hour off and relax…” And his reply was that he couldn’t, that he had too much to do …

That seems to be a common response from many of our young people. They are mired down in books, papers and due dates. And that combination is driving many of them stark raving mad. And this will continue well into April when term ends.

Me thinks that many of them bit off a bit more than they could chew when it comes to school and work and trying to make it all work, inside of 24 hours, and they are multitasking in meetings, which is a shame.

They should be able to put down the phone for an hour and suspend the highlighter just as well.

At least everyone is alive and well, and most importantly, Sober …

Our young people stayed close and made it through the day today.

A moment of gratitude.

Tonight my sponsor took his 30 year chip along with another fellow that came into town with his wife from Nova Scotia.

It was a good night.

More to come, stay tuned …