Thursday … Solutions

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Courtesy: Lovepainandhope

It has been grey and dreary the past couple of days. Supposedly, we were supposed to get a major snowfall, and warnings went up. There is no new snow on the ground. We are sitting in that tremulous place between cold enough for snow, and too warm for snow. It was a bit wet and rainy, meaning we are on the warm side, but flakes fell tonight, I don’t think it is cold enough to support any great snowfall. Temps are moderating over the next few days.

People are fed up of winter and want it to end, now.

Hopefully the planet may begin it’s tilt towards the sun and Spring will get here. None too soon.

Good things are happening in the neighborhood. Work continues on the Sports Bar/Resto. The grand opening of the entire restaurant is the beginning of April. Our Building management is in redecorate mode. They have been spackling and painting, today I learned that they are pulling up all the carpet and putting new carpet down. All the apartment doors will be painted (correctly) this time around.

The last time they painted them, the doors were closed, so there is a trim of other color where the door meets the jam. This time they are painting the doors (open) so that the entire door gets new paint. It’s a little (read: pain in the ass) because of security. We will manage.

Our good rent increases are going to sprucing up the building, at least our money is going towards home and not the pockets of management.

I got an early start today. We have to make a trip to the Canadian Government Service office just up the road tomorrow, to file some paperwork for hubby and to get my passport application in the works.

I arrived at the church early and set up was quick and painless, I wanted some time to read my book “The Borgia Betrayal.” A good 15th century papal thriller, another book from my patron of good books, we are on a theme lately.

We sat a humble group. And we read from Chapter 2 of the Big Book, “There is a solution.”

Our young people are in bad shape for one reason or another. This winter needs to end, and the sooner term ends in university the better. We are in support mode.

All we can do is stand with our guys and do what we can to ease the Dis-Ease that pervades them.

It was a good night.

More to come, stay tuned …

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