Sunday Sundries … It Might have been Worse

Going Home - (HDR London, England)

Courtesy:Blamethemonkey Flickr

It has been a very good weekend. One day bright and sunny leads to a day of snow and greyness. It snowed on Saturday from morning to mid-afternoon. I looked out the windows and it was snowing for a few hours, and at one point I looked out and abruptly, the snow stopped, the clouds parted and the sun came out. It was almost miraculous.

There is snow piled up appropriately. But they won’t be collecting it. It will have to melt from where it has fallen.

I have spent the better part of the weekend in my warm bed, in between my routine comings and goings. I can only sit here typing or surfing on the box for so long before I want to pull my hair out. When I finish surfing all my assorted sites and whatnot, I complete a circuit.

And I am done for that period.

And usually, when I have time on my hands, I turn the box off and nap. I’m not really interested in television, even that gets boring. I mean how many episodes of Chopped can you watch in one weekend. And how many hours can you spend watching the hunt for Flight 370? We watch certain shows ad infinitem:

  • Chopped (U.S. and Canada)
  • Ancient Aliens
  • MSNBC news (the only news channel that is on daily)
  • CTV National News
  • The Universe
  • Nat Geo
  • AHC (Amercan Heroes Channel)
  • Deadliest Catch – New Season April 22nd YAY !!!

Like the box, I get fed up with tv as well. And I make good use of my pillows.

I was off on time, I had to stall because my coffee mate was coming late, and I had a stop to make on the way out, which brought me up to the church about 5 and I set up the room, but left the coffee open for her to do when she got there.

We sat a full room. The last regular meeting of the month, and we finished up reading: “It might have been worse” from the Big Book.

After reading this story I thought that everyone who comes in should read this story from the back of the book, because it outlines so much information and answers many questions and refutes all the excuses we use to believe that we don’t really have a problem and it isn’t that bad, and I did not loose everything before walking in here …

It speaks about what the program doesn’t do, and in the end it comes down to Step One … “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol and that our lives had become unmanageable.”

He goes on to say at the end of his story: “When I joined A.A., I did so for the sole purpose of getting sober and staying sober. I didn’t realize that I would find so much more …”

With the room filled with folks with varying time some with days, some with hours, some with years and some with decades, we ran the table with reflection of why we were in the room tonight.

When I came back, my slip had gotten worse, and I almost did not survive, save for the angel who saved me. In the end I knew I was coming to the end of the drink for me, and the only way I knew to stay stopped was in the room. Which is where I ended up and where I stayed.


A while back I went through a personal crisis in my program, because I was seeing the women pound the book and they loved hard and studied hard and they passed it on and reaped the rewards of sobriety. I wanted that too, but the men just don’t do it that way, so I thought. It took me a long time to find the vein. And I did find it in my sponsor.

I am accountable to him every day. I call every day. I am working my steps and I am giving back and participating in my sobriety. And in terms of working with others, I have realized that (only recently) that I am engaged to the top and opportunity has presented itself to work with a sponsee who took on a new sponsee and we are three generations in now.

And that was only possible because I am connected in a way that I had not been for a long time. What I receive I can give away confidently.

Freely !

We have come full circle. Another great night.

More to come, stay tuned …

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