Tuesday … Just a Phone call Away

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Courtesy: TapThatGuy – Central Park NYC

The weather is looking UP ! We dodged the bullet with that NorEaster that is headed to all points East and North. Thanks Be To God … It was a bright and sunny day and they tell us that warmer temps are coming soon. Let Us Pray …

Winter can’t come to an end sooner. People are fed up and tired of the long drag.

I was up early today with errands to run to the bank to cash coin for my meeting so that we could pay rent tonight. I had a stop to make on the way out which brought me up to the parish a little after 5.

We sat a good little group. Next week is our 3rd anniversary. I chaired for a friend and read from A.B.S.I. I put two topics on the table, Gratitude from today’s Daily Reflections and the second reading, which all played out well.

The meeting was a blur because I got a call prior to the meeting that took my attention away. I spoke about planting seeds and what has been going on in my life as of late.

It is something special to be book-ended with someone I am accountable to every day and the young men I get to work with because of grace. I did the right thing and put myself out there and God saw and was pleased.

My mind was elsewhere because I needed to meet a young man after the meeting and that was the only thing on my mind. So my sponsor rushed me to the Metro and I rolled off to meet him on campus.

You never know when the phone is going to ring, and who might be on the other end and what God will call you to do when the call comes. I am honored that our young men trust me and I get an opportunity to share with them.

You need a plan. And the courage to put that plan into action. And sometimes, when it happens, you need to be able to tell someone to go Fuck themselves.

The only way to see a plan work is to put it into action. And trust in the process one day at a time. I find that when I need words, I have them, and there is God.

We always get what we need on a need to have basis.

My young man needs our prayers.

What is the last sentence of the Serenity Prayer ?

Not my will, but Thy will be done … (Twelve and Twelve pg. 41)

More to come, stay tuned …