Blockade … You Can't go that Way !!!

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Courtesy: ShinyBrat

It has been raining for most of the day. Ever so slowly, the snow is melting and washing away. It wasn’t pouring rain, not enough for an umbrella, just slow meandering rain fall. I planned on carrying one, but by the time I remembered my umbrella I was too far to turn back and get it. So I went without it.

One of my sponsees hosted a leadership symposium this afternoon, and with a few hours to kill before the Friday main event, I attended. I haven’t stepped into a classroom in a long time, it was kind of like Deja Vu. A good number of students showed up along with some high powered speakers to address them.

It was a good event. The university is stepping up their care of students and offer them these events to point them in the right direction after graduation. Because many kids are graduating into a world that they will be very “over qualified,” for the job market.

It is a known fact that thousands of us who went to university, cannot find work in our chosen fields, and that we are over qualified for what IS on the market in the way of work.

After then event ended, I set off for the meeting on the other side of town. I hopped on the Green line to Berri and when I arrived at Berri and approached the Orange line connection, the platform was taped off and security and the police were on the platform and the “tones of death sounded” meaning there was a train stoppage. And said that the trains would not be back up for an hour.

Now, it was rush hour. And it has been a common problem that some shit goes down during rush hour and thousands of commuters get stuck in stations, not being able to complete their transit.

I went back down to the Green line and had in mind just to call it a day and go back home, but on the train I remembered that there was a plan B to get uptown. I rode back two stations to Place Des Arts and got off and found my way to the 80 bus going north. There wasn’t a huge rush for the bus and I was the last person allowed on the bus, it was packed.

Amid the rain, I arrived at the church ahead of schedule, and did some set up and talked to my sponsor and my other sponsee. We read from A.B.S.I. the reading spoke about Self Reliance, versus God Reliance around the story of the Wright Brothers and the Kitty Hawk first flight.

And yes the word God came up again. Whether you believe in Him or not, most are on their way to finding some power greater than themselves.

God has been the constant in my life. I am the variable.

Over my lifetime, God was always present, one way or another. And whenever I was “engaged” life went smoothly. But whenever I “disengaged” life went into the shitter.

I was very lucky that at the end of my second drinking spree that at one point, I “re-engaged.” Steps One, Two and Three were done before I ever set foot back in the rooms. I’ve said recently that my life timeline had to be divinely directed. I played no part in it, I just went with what ever was in front of me.

Yes, I made certain decisions.

I got here and engaged the rooms and the people in them. I relied on them just as much as I relied on God. I learned to find God in the people in the rooms. The rest they say is history.

There is a God, and I am not Him.

We heard the slogans. We heard Do the Next Right Thing. And we heard Hope.

Cake followed. A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned…

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