Thursday … Anniversary … One Long Goodbye Begins

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Courtesy: DarkandChaos

It has been a few days of darting around raindrops. And it will be that way for a few more days. The storms that ravaged the south and mid-west moved north and lost a lot of its punch. Today it rained fat drops that fell here and there, not much of a substantial rain event. And if it does rain, it seems to rain in between and not On us…

It was a Big Day today. Changing Attitudes celebrated its One Year Anniversary this evening. All of the remaining founders were present. It has been a good run. We have new members and we have been able to pay rent and keep the doors open, which is a good thing. They say that when you open a meeting, you can do the groundwork, the rest is up to God. And if a meeting makes it and is meant to exist, God will provide. And He has over the last year.

We sat a humble crowd. And we read from the Red Book, and the chapter about learning new things, most importantly, changing the things we thought we believed, and came to realize what we really believe Now. Most importantly that we matter, and that yes, we can learn to love ourselves.

Aside from the main celebration, one of my sponsees took his 2 year medallion. A very auspicious occasion. The two year heralds the hope that one day, one day at a time, you will eventually get to Ten years.

It was a good little celebration.

That same sponsee is headed for new things in the U.S. come Fall. And we are laying the initial groundwork for his eventual move South. I have a few months to fill him with whatever he may need to get him over the border, and the rest will be up to him. It is a sad, yet exciting time for all of us.

People come and people go, and sometimes we only get a few seasons to work with someone and hopefully, something we have said or taught, may nest and take root when it is most needed.

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned…

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