Sunday Sundries … Power

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Courtesy:Fall of The Roman Empire

And it rained today. It wept rain until everyone was inside, then buckets came, and it piddled all the way home. The grass will be all the more greener in a few days time.

The Greene Avenue snow pile is no more. All washed away and the parking lot is open for business. I am sure the planting of the square will take place soon.

Another week begins. And in a few days I will be in Vermont. Boo Yah !!!

It is all very exciting. This first weekend is for the guys. Two weeks later it will be for all of us. The run up to the 40th Annual West Island Round Up has begun.

I departed early this afternoon and a good thing too. As I approached the church I saw signs on the door. (not a good sign) Something was going on in the hall that I was not made aware of.

A performance of a very famous boys choir was going on in the church. They are preparing for their tour of Europe in a few weeks. From the sounds of it, the church was packed.

I walked into the church hall, and there were tables, chairs and personal duds on all the chairs. I negotiated the use of the kitchen to make coffee as I waited out the boys to finish and for the hall to open for me.

Someone in the office did not call me, I phoned the super and he said something to that effect, that she forgot to call and cancel the Sunday meeting. (Which would have been a huge problem. You can’t just cancel same day …)

A little while later the place cleared out – with a burst of youth and exuberance !!!

We tore down the space with some assistance and reset for the meeting.

It was a huge success. Lots of people. Lots of good conversation. The writer of tonight’s story was very familiar to me and to others as well. In the end we get to hear about the power that exists in the room, in its people and how we do this thing we call recovery together.

And the line that got the most appreciation was this …

“Be Still And Know that I am God …”

A phrase that is used in many meditation circles. A mantra. A prayer.

Our folks are moving in good directions. People are finding words they never had and they are beginning to hear themselves speak. And that is a very good thing.

A bunch of us walked home together. I met with one of my guys for our weekly meeting and step work.

And the take away from this whole night? I spent a lot of money and seven years in university studying God. And in the end, the God I was looking for came to me in ways I did not expect, and only cost me loonies and toonies, over the last twelve and some years. The God I thought I would find in class, made himself known to me in the many people I have met in the rooms.

And a lot cheaper than the tuition I paid…

God moments… Sitting in a coffee shop listening to someone tell you about the God of THEIR understanding. Precious, Priceless, Divine.

It shall be exciting …

More to come, stay tuned …

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