Thursday Practice … And a Taste of Summer

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It has been unseasonably WARM these past couple of days. We are sitting at (+21c with a humidex of +26) at 3:16 a.m. in the morning.

This is the warmest it has been yet this year 2014. The last time we saw heat like this was last Fall. People are eating it up. Break out the shorts and t shirts. Back in Vermont last weekend, it was cool, but not really “cold” being higher up in elevation had something to do with that.

We will see a bit of rain over the next two days. Hopefully it WILL rain and not just piddle like it has been the last few weeks.

Round two of Sober Fest begins on Saturday. We are all lined up with transport to the West Island. I am looking forward to the culmination of a years worth of “Practice.”

Today’s topic from April’s Daily Reflections read at the meeting dealt with finding faith, that doesn’t come over night, it has to be cultivated. Like sobriety, you can’t just sit down and warm a chair. Eventually you will have to decide that you either want it or you don’t. And if you do, then start practicing. Which also comes from the reading.

The age old question …

“How do you get to Carnegie Hall??? Practice, Practice, Practice.”

A year ago, almost to the date, we all went to the Roundup. We listened and for myself, I was conflicted with sobriety, because New Yorkers promised us champagne and caviar if we worked the program the way they did.

We don’t get champagne and caviar here in Montreal sobriety. I don’t think we even get steak, for that matter.

I listened to the words and the way they were delivered. Which sent me on a quest to find that kind of sobriety. I began to practice my craft. More than I had been. I moved away from my old sponsor and free dove into the sea of newcomers alone.

I said my prayers. I read my book. I studied it with others. I worked with others and I later found a sponsor who wanted champagne and caviar too. And that is what we aim to get from our respective journeys.

Funny that the intensive weekend fell the week prior to this years Roundup. It was a great run up event to the Big Show. And if last year was any indicator of just what is in store, it will be much better two years on.

It is amazing to be able to report on just how much my life has changed over the last year. I did the time. And I am grateful for every person who was part of that journey. Sadly, some of the guys that were such close friends, have taken their leave of the program. And heaven knows I try to be friendly to them, my words fall on deaf ears it seems.

We gathered at the church for our regular meeting. Only a handful of people came, some are out of town, others had family obligations to tend to. But I get to see my guys and spend time with them. An investment of time, talent and effort. And they are worth every minute of my time.

And on Saturday I get to share champagne and caviar with them.

I am hoping that they too get the sobriety bug, and go nuts. soberly that is…

It was a good night.

It is late. I need to sleep.

More to come, stay tuned…

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