Friday … Celebrations, Rain and The Soberfest Continues

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Friday is brought to you by the NUMBER 3 …

And it is raining. It has been raining all evening and will rain through tomorrow. But it won’t be a total washout for the Victoria Day (Read:Planting weekend) Long Weekend.

I noticed that the carpet and runners have been put down in the upper floors of the building. And I like what they have done with the new decor. Dark earth tone carpet with the same tone wall runners and baseboards.

The door frames are a dark green and the doors are a lighter shade of green. They are working on the lower floors as they are working their way down the floors.

Meanwhile at Alexis Nihon, the shoppes on the Southern side (left hand side) of the ground floor are opening. They have moved spaces from the floor above down one tier. Not sure what they are going to put in their places, but they are all boarded up.

The glass enclosed elevator that spans the entire mall, which will give access to handicap shoppers and shoppers alike direct access to the mall. Something this mall has lacked in the past. There is an elevator, but it is out of sight, out of mind.

The food court shops on the escalator bay are almost complete. A new Dagwood’s is in process. Along with a juice bar, a yogurt bar the round area on the ground floor is almost complete.

The brand new renovated I.G.A. is almost complete. They have sorted out the store and broadened their footprint and added a glass wall open to the mall side. I haven’t been inside sine they started the reno. I don’t usually shop there.

There are still a few unoccupied bays on the ground floor. The competition between Timmy’s and Starbucks keep steady traffic in the massive seating/eating area that fronts Target and around the sides of the escalator bay.

They are working on the facade of the mall’s exterior, putting up new signage around the entire mall, on Atwater and along Ste. Catherine’s. All this exterior work has upset the bus stops that front there.

Cabot Square. caddy cornered to the mall is under renovations and all the bus stops on the square and on Ste Catherine’s are all fucked up. Along with the square lane closure, traffic is funneled into one lane going East. It’s a bit of a headache.

As it was raining when I left for my commute, I thought that I would leave a bit later than usual, so that I would miss set up. Well, that was stupid. In both stations trains were waiting, so that transit was fast. I caught a bus sitting in the bay and arrived at the church around 7:15. The door was locked and I was there first.

We waited about twenty minutes for the key holder and we just had time to finish set up before everybody showed up. It was a fair crowd. The same faces came to celebrate twin anniversaries tonight.

Two of my friends received their Three Year chips from their sponsors.

Our man is one who I respect with all my heart. When he came he was a shell, and over the years he opened his life to us, and he opened his life, his home, his car and his goodness to anyone who needed it. He is my Go To Guy. He never says no. And he is always there for men who are in distress. He has cared for the least of us, and has given a great deal to our community.

Our woman, I met when she came in. She was a mess but quickly came to and started off on the right foot, and took to sobriety like a duck to water. The past year has been difficult for her. She has seen hardship and has traveled all over for work and family. She has come a long way.

Today’s reading was “Alone no More.”

We may not have families or domestic bliss. And when we come in they tell us that we are no longer alone. For some that takes time to sink in. Here in our rooms we get to choose our new family and build the ties that we want with the people we care for and respect.

The Friday meeting is a very cohesive family unit. We come every week, not for the book, or the room, but because of her people. We celebrate, we mourn, and we all work together for the betterment of every person who comes down that staircase from all over the world, near and far.

There was lots of conversation, cake and celebrations.

A good night was had by all.

And tomorrow, is night one of the West Island Round Up.

Folks are all fired up – it will be fantastic.

More to come tomorrow…

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