Sunday Sundries … Acceptance … Do Right !!!

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The weekend is coming to a close. And it was a stellar day today. God has been shining love and sunshine on us. The streets and highways are all torn up due to construction, and streets are closed due to the Tour D’lisle today.

Our folks are getting to practice Patience and Serenity in spades.

It was a great weekend.

Oprah’s Masterclass is on. Earlier was an encore presentation of Maya Angelou, and now Whoopi is sharing. It was important to listen to Maya again to remind me of how I am supposed to live(rightly), to know who I am, (a Child of God) and how to treat others, (when you know right, Do right).

It was a regular Sunday afternoon. The top of the month brought new faces to the rotation, and at the end of the meeting brought new folks who want to join. We are carrying the message and attracting folks from far and wide.

One of our founding members has left us for a new home in New Brunswick. So we are in hand off mode. New people in responsible positions to take care of the group and its expenses.

We read from the Big Book tonight, and the most (well one of the most) important chapters in the book. “Acceptance was the Answer.” We sat a huge group and we had decided to read half way and open the room to discussion. That was a good decision. We went the whole period and went over a bit in order to give everyone a chance to share.

The really Good Stuff comes in the second part of the reading … Pages 416-417.

“Acceptance is the key to ALL my problems and Nothing, Absolutely Nothing happens in God’s world by mistake.”

These two sentences bring about all kinds of thinking, more thinking and denial and discussion, and finally, in time, Acceptance.

Most folks cannot square their pasts with Nothing happens in God’s  world by mistake. As in God had a plan, and we were merely actors in the grand scheme of things. But this share has to wait until next week.

Today we heard the insanity portion of the read. A doctor and his inability to “get it.” Only a good doctor knows how to prescribe all the right pills for what ailed him. And the insanity of having to manage the right mix of alcohol, pills, uppers and downers – what a nightmare.

Finally, in his story he comes to sobriety, after traveling a very circuitous route. And he says at one point … “I sat down with me” in all his insanity and someone shared on this saying that her sponsor says to this portion that that is “an Idiot speaking to an asshole.”

I know when I came back, I couldn’t sit with me very well. I needed someone to sit with me until the guilt and shame left me and I had to eventually dig myself out of self pity, my friends all stayed with me.

There are some things that in hindsight become important for people in early sobriety. And I did not see these things as important until a couple of years ago.

Yes, the Big Book has its method. It is written in a specific order, and the steps come in an order as well. And that’s the way we are supposed to read it. The stories in the back of the book are just gravy on a plate of meat and potatoes.

But working with others bring challenges. I want my guys to learn about themselves AS they work their steps and hit meetings.

We speak once a day.
We hit meetings together.
They work their steps.

At night they write 10th steps. Even though they are not there yet. They write in the beginning, from the beginning, so that they get used to writing. And each day we have something to talk about. And that is kindling for our weekly discussions that take place once a week.

Also, There are chapters in the back of the book that folks should be made aware of because, it is only my opinion, but there are crucial lessons in the back of the book that we need to hear from the beginning, because in the long run, knowing certain truths and axioms, pay off in spades when they get further into their steps.

And we (at the Sunday meeting) are working our way through the back of the book as we speak, and my guys are on Steps 4 and 2 respectively.

I want my guys to come away from The Work feeling accomplished and that their lives are changed by the process of The Work.

It was a good night. People came by the droves. Everybody had a great time.

More to come, stay tuned …


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