Mercury is in Retrograde … Until July 1st.

tumblr_l9ye08McMu1qb0mibo1_500 fysnoopy

I learned of this offhandedly.

But all the same, make no life decisions during this period.

It has been an interesting week. Sunday I was setting up the hall, listening to some tunes, and my Skull Candy (Up Rock) phones dropped a channel. I’ve had them for 8 months, and I thought, because they are a flat wire operation that the threat of a line breakage would lessen. The music just stopped, I am not sure what I did, but my phone was in my pocket as usual. Oh Well.

So I had no tunes for my transit. F.M.L.

I came home and Monday I went to Target, where I bought them, and attempted to get an exchange, I actually had my original receipt, but they said NO. That I would have to contact Skull Candy directly, which I did on Monday, so I have to send them back for a return/new pair.

It was very easy to file a warranty claim online, then they give you a number and a printout for the claim and the address to mail them back.

Very efficient.

Tuesday, I took the headphones that I got for Christmas, with their UBER long cord to the meeting, which worked well. That night I was sitting here at the computer, and I felt a little off. I knew something was not right, and the headphones were plugged into the tower on the side closest to the screen, instead of the back.

I got up and the cord wrapped around my foot and I yanked the plug in two, efficiently killing a second pair of headphones over two days.

I was like, Fuck Me!

I turned the box off and went to bed.

Someone is up there taking the piss…

Today, Wednesday, I got up early because I needed to go shop for another pair of headphones. They aren’t cheap. I had looked at Canadian Tire and they had a few, but I returned to Target for the purchase. This time I bought Sony’s.

I am hoping that Skull Candy gives me a new head set.

I went and did some Supermarket Safari and we have these points cards that we swipe every time we check out and we accrue points. Well I spent $30.00 on food, and I had $20 in credit accrued, so she asked me if I wanted to use my points, I said yes, so a basket of groceries cost me all of $9.00.

Take that Mercury !

I did three loads of laundry. And I took a long nap. Sleeping in freshly laundered sheets is the bomb …

Meanwhile, my emotional state is up in the air. I’ve been twisting and turning. And my sponsor says that I am in the right place at the right time, and that I just need to plod through it. That this 4th step process is turning more than myself upside down.

Then I get the news that Mercury is in retrograde …

Great, fantastic, just what I needed to hear.

That is why I am all fucked up this week. And it ain’t over yet …

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