Sunday Sundries … Geez, It's Hot !!!

tumblr_n75epjZqad1rwtgp2o1_500 rugbysocklad


Can I tell you how “HOT” it is outside these past few days ! The heat and humidity have been the highest they have been this season. Thank God for air conditioning. But you know, a good thing never last for very long. There are storms in the offing overnight and into Tuesday.

The great tradition here in Quebec is in process, that is the tradition of “Moving Day.” It seems our building got the notice that if you don’t have to move, then DON’T … But June isn’t over just yet, and the First is Tuesday.

I haven’t seen much shit left on sidewalks like there was in years past. The warnings from the city have gone out to recycle where you can, and for God’s sake, negotiate if you have a pet, don’t toss them onto the street with no where to go.

Hopefully the weather will be kind and not rain on our parade this week. Ironic that it rained all over Ste. Jean Baptiste day last week. I was quietly applauding mother nature.

The end of the month week has been updated in several groups, so we have had repeat readings of traditions this week. Two passes at the same reading gets a second look and listening to more people talk about them, I see a bit more.

We had a good showing tonight. Meetings are hit and miss during Festival Season. The Franco-Folies, The Jazz Festival, and the International Fireworks Festival are all going on concurrently. Luckily, most of the entertainment is located down at Place des Arts and all points East. So it is not difficult to reach multiple events during the week.

Funny that my old sponsor came to the meeting tonight. I haven’t seen nor spoken to him in more than a year. But he came nonetheless. It was a bit awkward, people change, and it was a good moment.

Life is frenetic it seems as of late. I plan my days around who is in town and where they are on any given day, then I make my meetings, some are additions, and some are substitutions.

It’s good work, work that means something and means something to others as well. So that is a thing.

Another week begins.

Bring on the rain already …

More to come, stay tuned …

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