Friday: “Yes my Lord, No my Lord …”

church windows randallCourtesy: Randall

It is the end of the week. The temps have gotten wintry as of late. The word SNOW appears in the forecast for the coming week. I noticed in my travels tonight that the light poles and many of the trees on main travel bus routes are decorated with lights, all sparkly and holiday like.

I have also noticed that holiday programming has begun and it isn’t even December yet !

I departed on time for my transit, the theme was hurry up, trains wait for no one.

I met one of my friends at the church and we waited for a key holder.

We sat a large group and read from A.B.S.I. … Clearing a Channel

I read the reading along with the others, and the first image that came into my mind was Mark Brian.

Mark Brian is our Anglican priest sent to a native outpost on the up coast of B.C.

When he gets there the vicarage is falling down, the windows are falling apart, and the floor is sagging.

It is the holidays and it is cold, and all the sundry inanimate things in the village are seeming to be revolting all at the same time. Fires won’t burn, water heaters have busted, and pipes are frozen.

Beset with all kinds of futility and loneliness, Mark has to eek out a living in a place that is new to him.

One night, before service, the only generator in the village breaks down. Mark flings off his cassock and dons his Indian sweater, and pulls out the tools, wrenches and screwdrivers. He bleeds the line out and reconnects it all back together, and in the moment, he speaks … “Yes, my Lord, No my Lord …” repeating the phrase.

His Indian friend says to him, “Who are you talking to?” and Mark responds, “The Bishop!” the Indian replies, “but the Bishop is not here …” And Mark says …”And its a good thing …”

In reading I Heard the Owl Call my Name, when all is in doubt and answers are needed, Mark always stops and repeats the words “Yes, my Lord, No, my Lord …”

It was the Bishop who chose to send Mark there, for reasons that Mark is not made privy to. But he figures out the reasons, and they are not necessarily the same reasons the Bishop sent him there to begin with. Mark often responds in times of doubt to that simple mantra. Speaking to the Bishop, and speaking as well to God.

The reading tonight also speaks about “taking the moment,” when things seem to be getting crazy, that we stop and repeat any of the familiar mantras we learn in the program. Our often said prayers, slogans, things we hear from our sponsors or others in the rooms.

Often I forget to take that moment.

And even sometimes when the rat gets on the wheel, and it starts going, I don’t always stop, and I allow the situation to grow and fester to see where it is going, knowing that I should have stopped the thought when it came, but didn’t.

And like my story yesterday, I was busy, and I needed to get somewhere, and the train had other plans, and we got stuck on the rail to wait out a stoppage. I consider that maybe this was God saying to me that:

Here you are, and maybe you  should “Take the moment…”

When I don’t necessarily choose to take it, God forces it upon me in funny ways.

I listened for the song of prayer again tonight. And was pleased with it to my soul.

Serenity, Acceptance, Wisdom, Patience, Appreciation, Tolerance, and Strength …

A good night was had by all.

More to come, stay tuned …

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