Sunday Sundries … No More Snow or The Sunday Between Holidays

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It is safe to say that nobody has gotten the weather correct over the past few days. Environment Canada states a few observations, and tv presenters tell us something totally different, then Mother Nature gives us whatever she likes.

Is it gonna rain, or snow, or flurry, or a combination of all three ?

Standing outside the church before the meeting, I could have sworn snow was falling, but there really wasn’t enough cloud cover to make it really snow. It is still chilly, and temps over the next few days will plummet into negative double digits.

All the snow that WAS on the ground, is gone now thanks to rain on Christmas Eve and above normal temps since then. I had a conversation with a friend last night who said a snow storm was coming, but none of the websites I have looked at say anything about BIG snow coming. But that isn’t to say that it isn’t possible.

Geographically, we sit in the sweet spot, it all depends on where the wind blows.

It was a weekend home alone as hubby visited his family in Ottawa. Friday I thought about just sleeping in all the time, but decided to hit the Friday meeting. The reading spoke about:

Life is not a dead end …

Over twenty years ago when I was diagnosed to die in less than two years time, at that time, if you had told me then, where I would have ended up today, I would have laughed at you. It seemed to me that life became a dead end, because I would end up dead in the end.

Todd had other plans for me. So did God. When all my friends were dying, I was in the other extreme, you could say I was flourishing. Did I get it right? When I finally accepted that life wasn’t a dead end, it came all the way around for me.

Sobriety in two hits, taught me a few things. The first time I was too busy learning how to live, to pay the attention to sobriety the way I pay attention to sobriety this time around. At the end of my slip period I was sitting in a dead end. I sure as shit would never had the life I have now, had I stayed in that dead end city, in that dead end job, with no friends or family to speak of.

But I would never have imagined that life would have gotten as good as it has, had you told me then, when I got sober the second time, where I was headed. But I guess I had some idea of where I wanted to go and what kind of life I wanted. Because I made that fateful decision that changed my life, the rest is history now.

I stuck it out. No so much in spite of myself. But because I turned it all over to people who knew better than I did. I trusted then, bar none. They did not disappoint at all.

I love my life. Sobriety is not a dead end, because, we did not get sober to be Miserable.

I did not get sober to be miserable.

This afternoon hubby returned with a booty of gifts from the family. Now we have to find the space to store all the stuff we got this year, along with all the stuff we got last year. I have a very small kitchen, with little to no counter space. And we got all kinds of spices in a nice spice rack, more olive oils and vinegars, salts, and cooking add-ons.

This year, I noticed that we only got one big wooden bowl, and not three or four baskets, which has been the norm in Christmases past, like we have any more room to store more stuff, we don’t actually.

We got a hefty food card for Provigo, so I shopped like a mad man before leaving for the meeting. We get to shop till you drop at Target too, which is what we really needed. We got practical gifts this year, rather than the normal fare.

It was dark when I left. If the days are getting longer, it ain’t happening here just yet.

But it could be worse, like minus (-20c) outside and snow all over the place. Mother Nature can remain on hiatus for as long as she wants. It’s all good.

We sat a small group. It being the end of the month, we read Tradition Twelve.

What I do and how I do it has evolved over the years. But the rules of engagement are the same across the board. I have no problem talking about me, just as long as I don’t talk about you.

Over several meetings, besides the anonymity statements that are read you hear a few other things.

The one that I think about says, you can carry the message outside this room, but names and personal details stay here. Or If what you hear here can help someone in their recovery, by all means use it, but names and personal details stay here.

Our meetings are safe spaces, where ALL are welcome. No matter what you do, how you do it, where you do it, or who you are. And that has been the norm over the past year, because of the folks who have come to our meetings from far and wide.

There was a time, when I was early in sobriety that someone said to me that an underground system had been set up in our city to keep us from them, and that certain people were being directed away from our meetings, opting for a more private atmosphere.

That is not the case today or so it seems. Our folks are good honest people who respect each other.

All is well for another weekend. The New Year is right around the corner.

I remember growing up in my teen age years, the ritual family New Years Eve party at one of my friends house. All the grand parties were held at this particular house. A fine dinner prepared for twenty or so folks, served on Wedgwood china. Beer, Liquor, Champagne and Wine aplenty.

The Orange Bowl Parade. Fireworks on the ocean. Dick Clark and the famous ball drop.

Drunken hilarity ensued.

Now we have Ryan Seacrest and his bevy of performers. We watch the ball fall and call it a night. I haven’t been to a New Years Party since I got sober. In fact, the last New Year’s party I went to/worked at was 2000 into 2001. The last day I saw my mother, New Years Day, 2001.

I got sober that following winter 2001.

That’s all for tonight. More to come, stay tuned …