Friday … Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

tumblr_lndtyet7pF1qhlja3o1_500It is February. It is Cold. There is snow all over the place. We are sitting at (-22c/-30 w.c.) at this hour.

The truth is, people are tired of the cold and the darkness. And that seasonal funky depression is setting in across the land. We could use a little warmth and sunshine right about now. But the other truth is that Winter has set in deeply, and we really don’t know when it is going to end.

If those pesky rats told us six more weeks of Winter, that means no relief until at least the end of March. And if history is our guide, April or May is the closest we will get to Spring like weather.

My guys are all in the mix, as well not to mention, a great number of folks who hit the Friday meeting.

It has been a busy last couple of days. And very successful too.

Friday is as Friday does. I had nothing special to do. I met with some folks over the afternoon, and did some shopping for the day. The push for Valentines Dollars was in high gear today. This, the one day we get to show our love for our significant others, by the giving of cards, chocolate and flowers.

We do cards here. So I left uber early to sort that out. When I got to the pharmacy to do that, there were crowds of people in the store. There were flower sellers in the mall proper. People were greedily grabbing every possible little thing that was on sale. It was card and chocolate madness.

Thankfully, I am pretty good at cards. It did not take me long to find the one that I was going to buy, and get in line with everyone else to pay. American Greetings and all those other card makers are making a killing tonight. I get to the register and she swipes the card … $11.00 dollars please !!!

Eleven dollars, are you shitting me ?

On the way home, I had to get some stuff for dinner. I walk into Provigo and there are flowers all over the place, carefully placed in the “Impulse Purchase Area” That wide swath that exists directly behind the Express Check out. On the Impulse Purchase rack are tons of chocolates in pretty boxes.

So $11.00 dollars for a card, chocolate probably runs between $10.00 and $25.00 and flowers will run you probably $20.00 … You aren’t getting out of this store for close to $40 or $50 bucks.

I’m sorry, but I’m not spending that kind of cash.

Last night we got a tweet that the water main break at my Laurier Station had been fixed and that all the buses that had been redirected to other places, have returned to their original locations today.

Which was really good news, because it was/is frigid outside and having to walk blocks to find a bus was/would be a challenge.

We sat a good crowd. Like I said people are frazzled. And the topic was:

Walking Towards Serenity.

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”

When we are frazzled and at our wits end, and we are awash in emotion, and sometimes they aren’t that good, and we believe we are at the end of our ropes, hang on. This too shall pass. Keep going. Take another step forwards. Do the Next Right Thing.

The reading talks about that moment of doubt, that I can’t go on, I can’t do it, I don’t have the strength.

This is that moment when taking another step forwards will pay off. We take that step, we make that call, we get ourselves to that next meeting. And tonight, we heard folks talk about not wanting to get out of bed and weather the cold to come out, but they came, nonetheless.

And it was a good thing they did, because everybody said the same things, in their own words.

There have been many instances in my life where the chips were down, and things seemed bleak, and I was not sure that I could make it another step or another day. Trials and tribulations will do that to us.

When I got sick, the began getting sober, knowing that I was going to die, within months, I wanted to drown my sorrows and what was left of my mortality with booze. Todd had other plans for me.

And a good thing too.

While I was happy, sitting at home, counting the days until I was dead, I had a job, and that job saved my life. I was pushed to deal with reality with whatever strength I had. But I had the aid of people who knew my plight. I strung days together. Then I strung weeks together. Then I strung months together. And finally, I got to the point, that I was still alive, and began to string together years.

Twenty years later, all that work and taking one day at a time, I am still here.

I did that walk. I learned to get out of my misery and walk towards the living light.

Facing ones mortality is a very tough deal. Many people who are sick with terminal illness and those who are fighting every day to live from various issues like Cancer, AIDS, and every other assorted sickness, time is not our friend. And we either give in and die, or we stand up and we fight to live.

People have resiliency.

I’ve seen people rise from sickness and from their deathbeds and walk again.

Life does not all of a sudden get rosy and happy when we get sober. And for some, it seems that life throws at them, everything but the kitchen sink. And it is our challenge to walk with them and carry them through the tough times, always encouraging them that nothing lasts forever.

It will get better and that This Too Shall Pass.

It might be frigid outside and in many places there is so much snow that cities are closed up and schools are shut down and mother nature keeps throwing snow, snow and More Snow at us.

And it is cold.

We can’t all get on a plane and head south. We just have to soldier through it, until it is over.

We are / You are not alone.

There is hope. Come, Show up, Make that call. Don’t give up or give in.

Life may suck right now, but it will get better.

Everything’s gonna be alright.

More to come, stay tuned …