Thursday … Should I Stay or Should I Go ???

tumblr_ld9721OgLN1qzhiyso1_500 canada kidCourtesy: My friend Joel … Canadian Photography

We are sitting at a very frigid (-17c/-29 w.c.) We did not get the snow they called for “yet” but whatever is on the ground, is, at this hour, not where it fell to begin with. It is very windy which made it doubly cold on the transit tonight.

Things have been moving forwards nicely. We are amid the first pre-sale of the Spring Round Up that will happen in May. This is the first big sober event of the year in Dorval.

The meeting tonight was sparse. This kind of weather is keeping people indoors, instead of traveling to a meeting. The core group who always show up, showed up.

We’ve talked about young people at great length here. And we’ve also talked about what happens when they don’t have like minds in the room with them when they come in. (read:They Don’t Stay).

Or they stay for a bit, get it together, then they decide to leave and not come back.

I’ve written this story over and over, and tonight, I heard it come from a speaker.

Everything happens for a reason. And not long ago, a friend of mine said to me that maybe I needed my slip for this period of sobriety to come and work for me. The first time being a gift, and the second time, you really have to work for it.

Our woman came in in her twenties, and the older hens, were, not up her alley. But she stayed sober for a year. Upon attaining her year, her husband said to her that “now she was well, and that she didn’t need to hang out with “those people” any more.”

Little voice says … hmm. I think you are right.

16 years go by, the obsession to drink has been absent for a while.

A while later she is sitting at dinner, and a client orders wine. Little voice says, “you can have some wine” and she has one glass, then another, which leads to MORE.

In a few weeks time she is drinking as bad as she was before her first hit.

Her second hit, later in life, she realizes that she needs help, and does rehab.

Not a very nice and plush, Spa Rehab. But the down and dirty, just out of jail rehab…

She returns to the rooms, and as she enters the hall, a woman who knew her from her first hit, almost twenty years earlier, greets her at the door. “There are no small miracles.”

Now she has a job, working in a rehab here in the city. And you would count yourself lucky to be able to say, that every day, she sees miracles happen. How many of us have jobs that allow us that kind of grace?

Funny, I see a lot of things, meet a lot of people, and hear many stories along the way.

And sometimes God shows me that things that I have observed really do happen to human beings.

It’s not all, just in my head.

It was a good night. Saw some friends, got a ride home. Brrrr….

More to come, stay tuned …