Live Long and Prosper – I Have Been and Always Shall Be Your Friend

leonard-nimoy-spock-star-trek-2Leonard Nimoy died today – He was 83 years old

What would our collective lives look like had Star Trek not been part of them.

I was born in 1967, and grew up in the decades that followed. The Star Trek series on tv was part of our lives from early on in my life. These pivotal characters Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Chekov, Scotty, and Sulu especially, created a world for us to be part of.

Growing up in a time when the Star Wars to begin with, followed by Star Trek motion pictures, was an event. To go to the theatre to see these films, was spectacular. One film followed another, and there was that intense anticipation of the next film coming down the pike.

There was no internet or torrents nor any other cheat to get that next sneak peek.

You had to wait for the next feature film release.

Star Wars was more Cathartic for me, Star Trek was an adventure. We anticipated both sets of films equally, as they were released. I think that anticipation made it all so much better. The not knowing and the way each film played out, was part of the movie going experience.

We learned a great deal about those characters, and they, in turn, informed us about our own lives and how we see the world, and treat others, in that world. The notion of the Federation of Planets, was akin to, I would think, the United Nations.

And we all know how that federation turned out !!! Not so much …

The evolution of Star Trek was a huge part of my growing up. Seeing the cast move from the small screen to the Silver Screen was amazing. To watch them grow into themselves on film was very different from who they were on tv.

Spock was that integral part of all the films. He was the one who spoke wisdom and patience and he stepped up to save his friends from ultimate death, and in the end, died himself to save others.

And I remember the anticipation of the Search For Spock, and what would happen in the next film, and weren’t we all surprised when we found out that he indeed did regenerate from the Genesis device and was back in our lives.

The whole theatre cheered for him.

He always had played that crucial part of logic and also humor in later films. He endeared himself to the public through his humanity.

Now in this generation, J.J. Abrams brought us the next incarnation of Star Trek for a whole new generation. And Spock plays that crucial role of mentor to the younger Spock (Zachary Quinto). This was a true tribute to the character of Spock and the longevity of his life on film and as part of the collective consciousness of the world. He brought the titular character back, to hand off his history into the hands of the younger, to take into his new life and role of the keeper of the Vulcan people.

In the 1980’s with the dawn of the VCR and the Beta Max machine, we had all the great films in our collective “collection” that we watched over and over and over again.

Start Trek morphed into the television series du jour. All of those incarnation of the Star Trek theme own their success to the longevity of the Star Trek name and its history.

  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine
  • Star Trek The Next Generation
  • Star Trek Enterprise
  • Star Trek Voyager
  • The Star Trek Next Generation Film Series
  • And countless Star Trek specials

Star Trek, in its long life has carried generations of humans into Worlds Unknown.

“Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Star Ship Enterprise. Its 5-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Well that Five Year Mission has lasted generations.

Spock holds a hallowed place and memory in my life, and I think that goes the same for all of us.

We will miss him. And we honor him today. God Speed Spock.

Eternal Rest Grant Him and May Perpetual Light Shine upon Him.


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