Thursday … “It … Won’t … Come … OUT !!!! “


Mother nature is fucking with us again… We went from PLUS 6c yesterday and last night, to a bitter – 6C today, with an 8c wind chill. She isn’t wanting to go quietly it seems…

You know, right away, that this might not go so well, if you are sitting in this chair yourself !

Yesterday, my day began with a trip to the dentist. A place, I know I must go to occasionally, and in the same breath, a place I loath with all of my being. Not knowing where the new office was, I had scouted it out on Google Maps the night prior. I was happy to know that the Metro, went right there, and it was a short walk down a hill, which meant, I didn’t have to ride a bus across town with all those people, pushing and shoving. Give me a Metro Any day…

I left with plenty of time to make my transit across three Metro lines, And I even got there early, that was a plus, since I was really hungry and there was a Micky D’s right up the block.

I ate …

I returned to the office, my dentist is a bright and cheery British woman, with great Chair Side Manner. I need that, because when I sit in the chair my anxiety level jumps about 300%.

Anytime a doctor has to stick a metal pick in my mouth, I get jumpy…

We started with a discussion about my teeth, and I needed to get some thing off my chest about them and what I thought was a serious problem, was not all that serious in reality.

But like we heard tonight at the meeting, “An alcoholics mind is someplace we should not go into alone…”

She was working with an assistant. And protocol for a patient like me is “Moon Suits, Masks and Double Gloves …”  You get used to that over time.

She gave me some topical and we waited, then she stuck that inordinately LARGE needle in my mouth, which sent me skyward at one point. Right out of the chair …

A little while later, probably laughing to herself, she grabbed a pick and started tugging at my broken tooth. She said …”You’ll feel a little PRESSURE !!!”

NO SHIT Sherlock !!!

It wasn’t going without a fight. A little tugging, turned into a LOT of tugging, she moved from the pick to a pair of pliers, and the tooth was firmly in my jaw, she would later tell me that I have great bones in my head …

Now she is tugging away, and it ain’t coming out. She gets to her feet and is tugging back and forth, imagine my head going to and fro and from side to side, as she wrestled the tooth out of my mouth.

It did not go quietly.

My gums and my mouth hurt like a bitch a day later …

She sewed the hole left by the missing tooth, closed and she briefed me as where she wanted to go next, in my toothy adventure.

I did not commit to a next appointment.

Dinner last night was a fiasco. I’ve never had a problem eating before. I had a problem.

I have four days of antibiotics to take and Advil for the pain. You never imagine that trying to tug a tooth out of a mouth can cause all kinds of ancillary problems, at the rate she was tugging and pulling she was totally killing my mouth.

**** **** ****

Today was an exciting day. I started out for the grocery store, and the mail came really early today, and I walked into the office to ask the manager to look out for a delivery, and as I crossed the doorway, there was a HUGE box waiting for me.

I took it upstairs and returned to my shopping trip before I took care of the delivery.

I had an HD box, in a box, I had an HD TV in a box, and a monstrosity of a tv to get out of the way in order to set up said HD goodness. Thank God the old tv is on a table top with legs, because I was able to carefully walk it out of its spot to another spot in the living room, out of the way.

It weighs more than a handful of small children !!!

Very carefully, I unpacked everything, had my tools ready, “some assembly required!!!”

The HD box runs off of a computer link from the box to the tv. And cable comes from the wall to the tv, and the hd cable from the box to the tv. I am very glad that a kind man at Videotron was able to walk me through installation and programming the system remotely.

They had to turn on the box and then reprogram it when I could not get the damned remote to do what I wanted it to do which needed a box reboot.

But the nice man got me up and running.

The living room is two thirds complete. New furniture, New TV, all that is missing are some window treatments, and the build will be complete.

I wish the provincial tax man would do his job, sooner than later.

There are two tax men. The Government tax man and the Provincial tax man. We get hit twice every year, but at the same time, as of this year, we actually get something back.

**** **** ****

This evening we hit a meeting. And one of my friends, who is 32 years sober spoke.

I’ve known her all my sober life. She comes to my meeting on Tuesday. She is crazy as a loon, like my sponsor is, (he’s got 31 years now) but they are both good people.

“A.A. is in the business of communication she said.”

“A.A. is also in the business of perspective”

She sticks to basic teachings. Home Group, Sponsors, Meetings.

I forgot one MAJOR component … PRAY like MAD !!!

She lamented that some people with LONG time sobriety stop coming, because they believe they have learned all they need to learn and they are reaping their rewards now…

She also reminds me why she, at more than thirty years, keeps coming back, is to remember why she comes, to know what happens to people who stop coming all together…

They go back out and drink, well, some of them do.

Just because you take the alcohol away, doesn’t cure us of what the problem is. We move from having a drinking problem, to having a thinking problem.

An alcoholics mind is not a place we should ever go into alone.

Even long sober people get into the funk. As has happened to our woman. She was married to a sainted A.A. member who had panache and class. He adored her and doted on her and they had a long life together, until his death three years ago.

Sober people mourn, and sometimes that can get very difficult. Especially when you are in the middle of the darkness. But she did what she learned to do, all those years prior. She called her sponsor, she went to meetings, she worked with other women.

They kept her sober and she stayed sober.

i want to be like her, and for that matter, be like my sponsor, one day, when I get to the BIG double digits. Not that I might live that long, because I am on serious borrowed time already.

That’s the story …

Tomorrow we are skipping the Friday meeting to go to a concert, where one of my guys is playing in his band. Very exciting…

More to come, stay tuned …

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