Friday … Happiness Report

tumblr_lul7maiY1R1qb2g1po1_500 thetruemeaningoflifeCourtesy: The True Meaning of Life

Another week in the books. It is cold, and we are sitting at (-1c/-2c w.c.) with snow coming over night and into tomorrow. Sunday it will be chilly for this years St. Patty’s Day Parade, (or as some of us call it The drunken, Garbage all over the place and Vomit on the sidewalks day).

**** **** ****


On my way out through the mall to the Metro, I passed by our local Target outlet. On very large signs were countdown days until the store officially closes. I went in the other day, looking for a jack for the sound system. What I found was an empty store, void of any departments or displays. It was all very sad.

As of tonight, there are only SEVEN shopping days left, for what ever is left on store shelves, and Target will take its leave of Alexis Nihon Plaza.

**** **** ****

We muddled through the week, hacking and sniffling. That was mitigated by flu pills that have come in very handy. I kept my commitments this week, because I had to. My guys come first, the rest is second.

It was a great day today. I connected with my lady friends who have been MIA for the last couple of months today. They all are still sober, and one of them took her year last week, which is always a good thing. The longevity advice did its job well.

Tonight’s meeting was also stellar. The one last missing sheep, has returned to the fold. So all of my friends are accounted for tonight, and all of them are sober. I have chosen to act, instead of sitting back and hoping for progress. That was a good decision.

Tomorrow will be a rest and recuperate day for both of us. I just don’t think I have another day to trudge the road of happy destiny. I am plum pooped !

Tonight we read about sacrifice.

Our young people are suffering, several of them have returned after another disastrous slip experience. And I think about it, those young people were hanging around the periphery for a while now. I’ve been watching them. But there are some who don’t take to conversation very well, and so we leave them alone. Sadly that decision was a bad one. Because all of them went back out, tonight they are back.

I had lost out a great deal during my slip. When the end came, and the cops showed up and said that I was leaving and that I could only take what I could carry, I sacrificed my entire life and all of my belongings. There was no going back.

So as my slip came to an end, I had very little. God took everything, hoping that I would get back on the proverbial horse and ride again. And I did that. I could not remain where I was for very much longer, and one by one, miracles began to happen for me.

Now I am here. Thirteen years later. It took a long time. I had to learn some serious lessons about life and growing up. It was not easy. And NO not every day was sunshine and puppy dogs.

Like everybody else, I had to trudge that road, until it became Happy Destiny for me.

I am what this program gave me. And today all I have is all I give back.

Gratefully and without Complaint.

If not me, then who?

We bring the message of hope to our friends and fellows. The iron is hot, and the time is now to get into it with as many folks as we can.

The WE got a bit bigger tonight.

Hopefully, now, they will stay. It’s all we can pray for.

More to come, stay tuned …

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