Sobriety Loosing It’s Priority

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Before we peruse tonight’s fare, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of your readers, Twitters, Facebookers and so on. Belief, Faith and Practice was a huge hit across the web. We saw more traffic come across the blog in the last few days than we usually do in a months time. And we got several retweets and a bunch of new readers, and comments as well.

I’m really grateful to all of you. That is why I write. To hopefully make a difference.

Mother Nature has been very good to us these past couple of days. And overnight to night, we drop from double positive digits, to a minus (-2c) tonight into tomorrow, with 5 to 10 cm of SNOW.

UGH when will it end, I ask you ???

What’s Behind the Blue Door ???

The Target space is empty. All the merchandise that was left is now gone. All the shopping carts and branded left overs have also been removed. Their Roll-Top front door, has been taken out and framed, and a regular double door, (that is BLUE) now stands in its place.

All bets are on …

Last night we were at St, Matthias for the Thursday meeting. A friend I know, because he hits my Tuesday meeting, was in the hot seat. Every story is unique. I’ve never heard the same story twice. Suffice to say that when all was said and done, many of us were humbled. And I came home with more questions than I did answers. Sometimes I question where I am in my life, and how I got here, and why I have it the way I do. It is not an indictment of terrible or bad or poor, life just is what it is.

Always be kind to other human beings, because you NEVER know the burdens they carry.

For you parents out there, a little warning …

Be careful the lies you tell your children. Because one day they may come back and bite you in the ass…

That is another story all together …

With warmer weather outside, people are beginning to shed their winter gear. And there is open grass, all the snow is melting. The church yard is all grass, a little on the wilted, buried under snow for months and need a little sun and time to dry out.

It was a good showing tonight. And the topic was “Slip.”

The percentages of slips are very high in our community, from young people to those with a wealth of time under their belts. The stats out there, in some peoples estimation, is that the program of recovery is not very good. There are those out there, who say that what we do is a waste of time, because the success rate is so low.

On my side of the coin, at least our people get a fighting chance of getting clean and sober, and finding the solution, we are all trying to figure out, each in our own ways.

When I got sober the first time, I racked up a few years, despite the grim outlook that was in front of me. I survived. But it wasn’t always sunshine and roses.

Having someone tell me that I wasn’t welcome and to go away, was the first domino that fell in my progression towards my epic slip.

My sponsor, who worked at the bar with us, moved out West, and after he left, I never hooked up with another sponsor. I started drifting away, quietly and slowly.

I’d watch the same faces come, take a lap around the room, and then go back out.

Repeat… Repeat… Repeat…

I was troubled. I did not understand they why?

Tonight I heard a young woman say that she stopped asking why, because we need to live in the now, in this moment, because that is all we have.

A handful of men, that were sober, when I was sober, all went out at the four year mark.

During that time I was planning my departure. I had connected with someone who I thought, or was led to believe, would complete me. Because don’t you know, once we get rid of alcohol and drugs, there is still that Hole in our Soul.

I had one HUGE hole that needed to be filled.

The day I packed up and left, was the day my friend found out I was leaving. They were not happy with me, and several of them tried to talk me out of going. I wasn’t listening to them, I had to do what I was going to do.


I drank – I used – and almost died in the process.

I never want to forget what it was like, the last year before I made my way back. I never want to see national tragedy again. I never want to have to drink, because everyone else is drinking because of tragedy.

The World never needs to see another 9 – 11. Or the aftermath that followed.

We are defenseless against the First Drink.

And at some point in your sobriety, there will come a day, that the only thing that stands between you and your next drink, is your Higher Power.

A good friend of mine told that story about being ten years sober, and finding himself in the South of France, at a family party, and nobody but his young cousin knew he was sober. They popped a twenty five year old bottle of champagne to celebrate family, and my friend was in the deep end of the pool. Facing utter destruction and the first drink, that young cousin slipped him a glass of mineral water, as the group raised their champagne filled flutes in salute …

He avoided that drink, because the hand of God stepped in for him in that moment.

  • Come to a meeting.
  • Connect with others.
  • Find like minds.
  • Get phone numbers.
  • Do not isolate.
  • Talk to others.
  • Don’t make rash decisions in early sobriety, in fact don’t make them at all.
  • Stay out of relationships for the first year.
  • Always talk through a decision with another sober member.
  • Don’t take on life by yourself
  • There are always options, and You are Not Alone any more.

The Easter Triduum is upon us.

A blessed Passover to you and Happy Easter to those who participate.

My holiday post will go up tomorrow around noon.

We have guests coming for Easter Dinner on Sunday afternoon, and the meeting to follow.

More to come, stay tuned …