Sunday Sundries … Home Run, Mission Accomplished

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We continue with our Baseball Themed series tonight.

Today was “D” day. The day that had to come together no matter what the cost, or time commitment. Our team of go getter ladies stepped up and took care of business.

With only 16 spots available for the 60 odd people who showed up to register their kids, we got Miss Lu Lu a spot in daycare, based on her dire need and our immediacy of placement of the baby. She got bumped to the head of the line.

There was much dancing and tears of joy for Mama. She could not have been more pleased to see this final hurdle come together as it did. Now all we need is for her to get on that plane tomorrow afternoon and come home.

It will a most festive day tomorrow, the day we all have worked so hard to see come to pass.

We spoke to New Foundland before the meeting where it was a chilly 10c, where here it was 24c and sunny.

We sat a full house. And read the story: “The Salesman.”

Once again, our story takes place in the 1920’s and eventually our man, by the end of the story had attained two years sober, at the time of his writing the story. Two years seems to be the magic number for those first 100 sober folks.

As a young man our writer comes from a farming family, and sees big business and dollar signs he imagines will come forth, if he becomes a traveling salesman.

And as stories go, he learns how to drink. Then he looses himself in the drink. And he becomes a traveling “drunk” salesman. This is not good.

He starts drinking … then stops !

“Is he gonna get it or is he not?”

He starts drinking again, and winds up in the loosing column, he stops again, this time a little bit longer !

“Is he gonna get it or not?”

He starts drinking again, and winds up in hospital, drunk and poor.

“Now, he might trip over it …”

A doctor. known for his solution oriented program, introduces our man to his men.

He’s not sure about these people, or the God angle, but in the end, it comes down to one alcoholic talking to another, with stories told, identification dawns.

He begins “The Work,” in earnest.

He writes that “it was a good thing they got him to work so soon after he quit drinking, and that kept him busy.” We are not talking about business work or making money. But it is inferred that they got him into talking to others and sharing the solution.

In the story, our writer talks about how he started his days, with a double shot of whiskey, just to get on the page. It wasn’t for the hair of the dog that bit him, but a necessary imbibing to get him rolling.

And as I sat there listening to one of my friends read this passage in the story, I had a sick feeling, I may have not had a drink in a long while, but my brain remembered just what whiskey feels and tastes like going down my throat.

As I sat there, I felt that whiskey go down my throat.

That’s never happened before.

Mindful, how close we are to the drink, if we forget what it was like, and then the next thought comes that “maybe we can handle another drink, normally!”

I sure as shit don’t know what normal drinking is, nor do I want to even contemplate a drink.

If we have nothing in common, we have our stories. The stories may differ, drinking histories, men or women, young or old, the basic theme is the same.

We began to drink, then we get taken by the drink, and end up in the loosing column with nowhere else to go.

You reach your bottom when you STOP digging.

Tonight, all of our folks, men and women, are sober, and have stopped digging.

All of us are in some way engaged with The Work, to some extent.

The themes of turning it over and letting go came up.

Who knew a room full of crazy alcoholics would have a solution to whatever ails us ?


Good Orderly Direction
Group of Drunks

One way or another, you find that power that is going to help you get and stay sober, some know what that is, others still don’t know, but they are sober another day, we all agree, that something greater than ourselves is doing the job.

Maybe it is the power that resides in each other, when we come together to share.

One alcoholic talking to another. Crosses all boundaries to that place that receives.

A good night was had by all.

Tomorrow is the Big Day, watch this space…

More to come.

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