July 1st. Canada Day in Canada and Moving Day in Quebec …

CanadaDay_436X245The weather was horrible all day long. It poured down rain for most of the day. Tonight, it is just wet and miserable. Some festivities did go on rain or shine, others have been postponed to tomorrow and for some, in days to come.

Here in Quebec, July 1st is moving day. Everything in Quebec is done in duplicate.

Because it is winter, six out of twelve months of the year, today is the annual tradition of moving day. This is that day we all dread, because the streets are strewn with garbage, and assorted furniture is tossed out for pick up by the city, or picked off by the public.

Thankfully, there were no moves out of my building today. Given the rain, the prospect of moving during a rain storm was a daunting thought. I don’t know why people have to move every year from one place to another, if only for bigger space.

The problem with moving is that surely you are going to pay more rent, here in Quebec, pets are, for the most part, not allowed. Sadly, the number of abandoned pets rise terribly this week because renters can’t bring them along, so they go out to the streets or the pound.

The management here. has, in the past, made issue of pets and the noise factor. Today, folks with pets are not targeted for removal. Which is a good thing.

If you don’t have to move, then don’t …

It was a good day. Because I spent time with a friend, talking over coffee.

You never know, the reason certain people show up in our lives in any period of time. We are all here for a reason, and the people who are in our lives right now, are there for a reason as well.

My friends are integral to my life. Just as my husband is.

Friends don’t walk away from friends, and partners don’t walk out of each other either.

Relationships are investments we make for ourselves and for the other. Because you never know when or if the divine is going to show up and teach us something about each other or ourselves.

A good day was had by all.

The post on “MORE” will follow later on tonight.

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