Hacked !!!

ios-hackI would like to begin with today’s events as they happened.

Yesterday afternoon (Thursday) I visited a particular site that I frequently use. And stupidly clicked a foreign link. What I did not know, played out all day, well into the night.

As soon as I clicked it, my computer went crazy. So I deleted the file. The damage had already begun. A hacker, located in Western Canada, (Alberta) to be exact, I know this because during the evening he tried to hack my Facebook account, thank god for suspicious detection software, they noted that the log in was suspicious and they froze my account, I later found this out, when I got home.

But they had mapped his whereabouts and who he was and what he tried to do.

Thank you Facebook… I owe you one.

Anyways, I tried to start a virus scan, across many tools I have on my computer. They would start, then abruptly shut down. It took hubby some serious sleuthing to figure out how to contain the virus and get it detected, because the virus mimics completely normal functions while it hacks your system (I learned this along the way). It would disable all virus detection software.

First he hacked my primary email account and changed the passwords. I also did not know until much later that Google had sent queries to a secondary email that I later checked and saw them there.

Then he hacked my Pay Pal account and shut me out there as well. He signed up for a GAMING ACCOUNT on STEAMPOWERED.COM.

I later went there and found out it was a gaming site.

He opened an account and siphoned $150.00 (CAD) from my Pay Pal account.

Pay Pay, when used, in my case, I have a business account, they automatically forward the funds to the receiver right from the first click. Then in 2 to 3 days, they pull the funds from your bank account to cover the transaction.

Ok, We settled the virus and got rid of it. (7 p.m.) That took over two hours.

I had departed for the Thursday night meeting. More on that later.

While I was gone, my phone began to send me messages about my email account being closed and the password I was using was invalid. I had no idea what was going on till I got home.

So in a few hours time, he hacked into all my accounts, changed all the passwords and locked me out. He stole $150.00 to game with.

When I got home, (9:30 -10:00 p.m.) Google sent me a suspicious email, and I was able to recover my account and change the passwords. When I logged into my email, I saw the transactions that were made, because the email trail was left behind.

I called Pay Pal and they helped me restore my account to get in, because I was locked out.

They had to reset everything and walk me through an account restore. Then I talked to another agent who took my fraud claim and she closed the account because it was set up for multiple billing. She shut down the hacker account and stopped the charges.

She put a hold on the funds, because they are going to come from my bank in a day or two. When the charges hit from my bank to Pay Pal, they are already reversed. So I can just re-deposit the funds back in the bank.

I then started to systematically go through all my banking accounts, email and other assorted accounts that were hacked and changed all the passwords and the security questions.

The last phase was Facebook. I logged in and there was a freeze on my account, because, like I said above, they detected a foreign log in. And I had to tell them if I knew who they were, and they provided a mapping of where the hacker was.

I restored my account and changed the passwords as well.

What a fucking nightmare …

I went back to the site I was on and reported the hacker to them and the trail that was left behind. I have yet to hear from a moderator.

It seems that Steampowered.com is known to host fraudulent hackers who siphon money from hacked accounts to pay for game play on their site. I was not the first to report this kind of hacking.

Lesson learned …

**** **** ****

Tonight I heard a friend talk. I’ve known her for years and the take away was simple,

“Live and Let Live!”

UGH, like I needed a hole in my head when I got home.

I have much better stories to tell about this week, so more on that later tonight…

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