Meteorological History Made in the Pacific

kilo ignacio jimena 3 cat 4 hurricanes in the pacificIn the center of this photo sits the Hawaiian Islands. On the Left, Hurricane Kilo, Just to the right of the Big Island is Hurricane Ignacio, and to the far right is Hurricane Jimena. This is a historical satellite photograph because we have never seen 3 – Category 4 – hurricanes spinning at the same time.

Today Typhoon Kilo has passed the international date line, and moves from Hurricane to Typhoon in the far Western Pacific.

Scientists tell us that these storms are not energized by the El Nino which is the warm current that appears in the Equatorial Pacific, these storms and also Hawaii are too far North of this element.

But we do know that what happens on one side of the world has a corresponding and opposing effect on the other side of the world.

El Nino has been known to drastically change weather patterns across the Pacific and North America. And well into the Atlantic.

It is September already and the Atlantic Hurricane season isn’t even off the ground yet. The one storm Fred is spinning off the Cape Verde Islands, and will probably spin into the Atlantic, it is located off 19.4 N and 29.1 W.

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