Aylan Kurdi Laid to Rest today in Syria, The place they were trying to Escape

syrian-migrant-boy-turkeyaylan kurdi 2 policemanAylan kurdi

Aylan’s father buried his wife and his two children in Syria today. He took them back to rest when all they wanted to do was escape the tragic circumstances that exist there now.

We say our prayers for the Kurdi family and I will say, you are not forgotten nor forsaken. The world will rise, if it takes us days, weeks or months, in the end the world will rise.

And do right by your family. For ALL your families…

Imagine. Across the blogging platform I read on a daily basis, NOT ONE PERSON has written one word on the crisis in Europe. This tragic scene played out for all the world to see, these photos come from the photographer who snapped them on that fateful day. Aylan’s brother lay just 100 yards up the beach from his brother, also dead.

It seems, in the United States, it is all about politics (read: Donald Trump), and gay marriage strife (read: I shudder as I type this name, Kim Davis) she should be stoned…

You’d think that for at lease a day, or maybe one news cycle, that the world would rise to the occasion and say something useful, or to speak up about this unimaginable horror taking place across Europe.

And or pledge help and assistance.

Not even the U.S. President, Barack Obama, He has not spoken one word on tv tonight.

Our Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, said SHIT today. And he promised NOTHING to help this tide of human suffering. Meanwhile the other three parties, the Liberals, N.D.P. and the Green Party are calling for immediate action and the opening of our borders and that we receive those we can immediately. NOW…

I have read that several European Soccer Clubs, F.C. Bayern Munich, for one, is pledging millions of dollars towards the human “migrant” suffering. At least they are stepping up along with the German Chancellor to spearhead assistance when it is needed.

The Hungarian Government rose to the occasion and stopped, “stopping” the human flood from moving forwards in their goal to reach Germany and hopefully Sanctuary. They actually had buses trucking these human beings towards to Austrian border.

There will be no further posts on any other subject until the end of the holiday weekend for all of us to sit and ponder what we can do to help this human tragedy.

I encourage all of you who read this to go out into your community and find something to do to help, be that write something, support an organization that can help, or get other to join this call for people to get involved and do something for some one just because you can.

We all have homes, roofs over our heads, food in our fridge, and warm beds to sleep in.

These human beings have NONE of this.


Does that strike any of you as utterly sad and inexcusable ?

The world deserves better and our politicians needs to step up now and do something.

This is not a partisan issue, it is a HUMAN issue. We Must Act Now.

There is no turning back now. We have to do something. Anything.

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