Friday – My I Phone Arrived


Christmas came early this year.

After yesterday`s day of purgatory, today was much MUCH better. I did not have to resort to pain killers to get through the day. Things are a bit topsy turvy lately, and everyone is a little off.

Today I slept in, because that was what was recommended to me by several of my friends, when I asked about my back.

I got up before hubby got home and transferred all my music and photos off my HTC to my hard drive. When the transfer was done I Tunes counted 822 pieces of music in my collection.

I moved from an Android HTC to an Apple I phone 5S.

We had to go to the Telus store to buy a new sim card and for them to transfer all of my data and contacts to the new phone, which only took a few minutes. Then we were on our way.

The new phone is sleek and stylish, I really like it.

The only things my old phone did was making calls and acting as a music player. I downloaded the standard apps, like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Skype.

There are so many apps out there, I just would not know where to begin downloading them or using them for that matter.

I Tunes took a bit longer to figure out. I have an I Tunes account that I buy music from, so that collection was stored. I needed to update the I Tunes program to the latest version so that it would recognize my phone, which meant an uninstall and install.

When that finished, my computer and my phone began to communicate and it sorted out all of my music files and loaded them into the phone.

It has all kinds of bells and whistles. There is a sound for every action the phone does. I sorted out images and wall papers, and got Siri sorted. I changed her to a British lady friend, there were three options for her. Not that I know just what Siri does …

I have crossed over into Apple territory.

YAY !!!

more to come, stay tuned …