Thursday … Sciatica – The pain in my ass


The weather outside is frightful. Depending on what you want from Mother Nature. We are in a very warm stretch, with temps hitting record levels on the high. We won’t see any serious cooling coming in the next week.


It might just be a green Christmas this year.

It is Thursday, about ten days into a serious nerve pain episode. I don’t know when it happened, or why, but things got progressively worse over last weekend.

Sunday night, into Monday morning, at approximately 4 a.m. I awoke to the most incredible and excruciating pain I have ever felt. I was screaming and sobbing at the same time. I had to pound some serious pain killers just to cut the pain, which took about an hour.

Imagine a serious muscle cramp that extended from my torso down to my left knee. My leg has been numb for a week, and my left leg is weaker than my right. I had issues climbing stairs all week.

On Monday I called my doctor and pushed up my appointment to this morning. And since I wasn’t seeing him first, I made a call to the I.D.T.C. clinic at the new super hospital. That is the HIV clinic that moved from the General last year to where it is today.

I was in some serious pain. I needed to see a doctor and maybe get some x-rays or a scan. I see my doctor(s) at their private office, so I don’t have to go to the super hospital. But when needed, i.e. labs or tests, I have to go to a hospital then my docs can access my files online.

The good nurse told me that I could not get treated at the clinic, since I see my doc offsite. She then informed that is I wanted an x-ray and to get it read right away, I would have to run through the emergency room. Because it would take 2 weeks for a regular x-ray to be read by a radiologist.

Fuck me …

So that was a no go. I called up my pharmacy and they filled some over the counter (or more like it: from behind the counter) pain killers. They did little to cut the worst pain.

This morning I went to see my doctor. And I told him what the nurse at the clinic said to me in regards to emergency care. He was pissed, because I was the fourth person to tell him that shit about the clinic turning patients away.

I was limping into his office, and I told him what was going on and he knew exactly what the problem was … Sciatica.

I’ve got some issues with my lumbar vertebrae which has affected my sciatic nerve that runs down my left leg. The Mayo clinic has a really good synopsis of this condition. My doc did some tests there in the office, then he said that I needed some serious pain killers, and I told him that I can’t take certain drugs because I am sober.

He said, you’ve got a serious problem that needs serious medication, so you will take it for as long as he deems it necessary. I have to go back in two weeks for a check up.

I went to get x-rays done at an image lab right around the corner from the doctors office on the way home.

On the HIV front, the new medication TIVICAY is doing wonders for me. This is a new single dose pill that we added a month ago. My triglycerides have been very high and in dangerous territory for as long as I’ve been his patient.

In one month’s time, my triglycerides came down more than ten points to the lowest it has been in forever.

My doctor is very pleased with the added positive side effect.

Wednesday … December 9th, was my 14th Sober Anniversary. I really did not have anything particular to write about, since I write here often, so repeating myself seemed stupid.

Tonight, Thursday, we arrived at the church in good time, and during the wait, I called my sponsor. He was on his way to the church as well, with one of our long time sober women.

And he was our speaker.

It was a good night. I was able to sit, for the hour, and afterwards, I was able to get up without serious pain. Thanks to good narcotics.

I have been ordered to rest, and not do anything stupid.

That’s all for now.More to come, stay tuned …