December 2015 … An ODE to Provigo


This is our local Provigo Grocery store just on the corner downstairs from home.

The building is multipurpose. The store on the ground floor and the Toyota Dealership garage upstairs. This sits on the corner, just up the block from home (read: easy peasy grocery shopping at any time of the day or night).

But this little dream store is dying a slow death.

The close date is set for January 6th, but at this rate, they won’t last till the end of the month…

It is just really depressing …

Now there are three grocery stores within walking distance. The Provigo, P&A grocers, directly across the street from here, Adonis which is up the street at the Seville Project condos, and then finally, IGA at Alexis Nihon Plaza, the mall a little further up the road from home.

Over the last month, our little Provigo that could, is turning into the little Provigo that can’t …

The began on the farthest section where the frozen goods are, and they crated it all. And little by slowly, day by day, the store is shrinking one aisle at a time.

The store isn’t stocking any longer, and the shelves are coming down day by day, whatever is left on the shelves is priced at rock bottom prices, and it is getting bleak and depressing by the day.

We are mourning this loss terribly, because of all the folks that are going to loose their jobs in a few days, and the loss of friendships we have made over the years.

Loblaws, it is said, is restructuring so they are closing many Provigo stores across Canada. But rumor has it that sales are down since Adonis opened more than a year ago, up the street.

All three stores are different sizes and offer different perks, some are not proper grocery stores because they are boutique stores that only offer certain items regularly, like meats, fish and produce. Adonis is a Halal store so they are specialized. IGA is at the other end of the spectrum “shop” at the mall, at proper store size that serves Westmount and Westmount Square and the surrounding area. They recently refitted the space and grew its footprint when the mall was refurbished last Spring.

Carting groceries, often, from IGA is going to be a pain in the ass, and we will probably have to invest in a roller cart to bring stuff home from the mall, because I sure am not carrying bags every day in the near future.

It is said that the Toyota dealership is taking over the space because Provigo’s lease is up in January. It is also said that the dealership that sits across the road is moving into the ground floor, and added to that, I was told that a condo building is being floated for build above the dealership … not sure on that one though…

Sadly, we are going to have to learn how to shop with less, and on a new schedule, because not all the shops are open late. Everyone closes at 9 (the mall) and 10 (Adonis). You can’t buy smokes at Adonis, and only certain brands at IGA, which leaves the TabaMag shop on the main, which also closes earlier.

We will have to change our shopping habits and make room for the fact that prices have gone up considerably over the last few months, and that is bringing up our shopping costs to a pretty penny.

I haven’t begun to shop at the other sites yet, but we have recently. I just need to see how the change is going to effect our bottom dollar.

Goodbye our old and trusted friend …





7 Days till Christmas and Not A Flake of Snow in Sight


Location: Montreal
Current Temperature: 2 c
Christmas Outlook: It’s gonna be a GREEN Christmas

THIS is what Montreal should look like about NOW !

BUT, noooooo … Global Warming

Maybe El Nino …

Mother Nature …

We are getting a real fuck you Christmas this year. No Snow !!!

And next week we will see days, DAYS worth of rain instead.

The weather has been shitty damp and cold. Whatever snow we would have gotten recently, fell in the form of rain. And that rain has been falling for days, where all points East, North and Across the Maritimes, the snow is piling up.

Last night I went to visit Baby Mama and the baby, and it was pissing rain, enough to warrant carrying an umbrella, but not really needing it, but my clothes got sodden wet anyways.

Mama flew home to Newfoundland this morning bright and early for a couple of weeks. We are hoping she completes her trip in full and not come home early because of assholes and attitudes and dysfunctional family … Let Us Pray !

This week trading was rough. The loonie sank to an all time low for the first time in years. Cross Border shopping was terribly painful to say the least. My bank account took a massive hit with the exchange.

I did shop with sellers I buy from regularly, so I am getting what I paid for indeed. Even if it cost me substantially more than usual.

I am home alone right now, and I thought to go do some Christmas shopping on my own, but before I set out, I checked my sellers for in store stock, so I did not have to make a wasted trip in case stock was out. AND it was OUT. Indigo is local, so shopping online was the way to go, and that’s what I did.

I kill for good books to read. Tonight I bought Reza Aslan and his book, “Zealot … The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth” and Pope Francis … “Untying the Knots” by Paul Vallely. This is an updated version of the original book with additional chapters, which is an ongoing report of the Pontiff.


Speaking of books, I am reading an incredible book written by Donna Tartt, “The Goldfinch.” This book won the Pulitzer Prize.

A couple of weeks ago, I went book shopping, And I picked this book up cold, off the shelf, just on its blurb on the back and decided to buy it along with another book, “Why Men Lie” by Linden Macintyre, which is the second book in a series I started reading some time ago.

The Goldfinch is a BIG Book. And it is fantastically written. It is the story of a young boy, who along with his mother, visit a famed New York Museum to see some art, to get out of a rain storm.

A bomb explodes, mom is killed, and what happens next is the adventure I will let you go read for yourself.

Many of our men are gone for the holidays, so meetings are going to be sparse until the beginning of January. It is a week till Christmas and there is not a FLAKE of SNOW anywhere. Which is a total pisser.

What good is Winter, if you ain’t got no snow ???

It spoils the whole mood of the holidays with bare sidewalks and pissy rainy weather every night…

There is more to come, Sunday I take my 14th anniversary cake at the Sunday Evening Meeting. That’s when I will write my year end review for you. Life is progressing nicely so I don’t want to write prematurely while the roller coaster is still in motion.

And soon after Christmas we will each get our Word Press Year in Review report for 2015. I am looking forward to reading all the stats over the last year, you will see it when it is released.

Stay tuned …