Saturday…It Snowed just a Bit Tonight

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Montrealer’s have been bemoaning the fact that the temperature has been mild and above average for weeks, and that there is no snow on the ground, and the holidays aren’t really holidays without any snow on the ground …

Well, tonight all that changed.

It got very cold, very fast, and as we left the meeting at 9 p.m. it was snowing… just a bit, and very flurrying …

Last night, I finished reading “The Goldfinch” a 771 page read.

The book was incredible. The story was well thought out and written really well. The crucial culmination of the story totally took me by surprise. Funny, I identified with the situation as it played out, as in (read: Been there, Done that) kind of feeling.

I really had hoped for a particular ending, as in, Theo ending up with the woman he really wanted, but was going to marry another, who really didn’t flesh out all that well, in the end we got the authors ending.

The book came to its climax triumphantly. All the loose ends were tied up succinctly. The story ended where it ended up.

I was thoroughly impressed with the writing and the story.

All along, the book read really well. When necessary and appropriate, the story changed and layers and layers of story played out, in a really well written way. This well written effort was not lost on me and I really appreciated it as I read the book.

I was engaged for the entire story, and I was kept turning the pages where that was really necessary to keep me reading, when I could have gotten bored, or put the book down.

One thread led to another, as the story played out. I enjoy that about particular books I have read, but very few writers get that formula and that process right, The Goldfinch, and Donna Tartt got it really right.

**** **** ****

It was a good Saturday night. I saw friends, we had dinner together, and I opened and chaired a meeting. We had a newbie come in and we had a meeting just for him.

Like I said, it snowed. We went for a meal afterwards. That “meal after a meeting” usually seals the deal for a return at the next meeting. And we made sure we sealed the deal for one lost young man tonight.

I got a ride home. I love my friends. They are my everything.