Christmas Round Up Part 2 Before and After

shoes 1

The Before shot … hubby’s shoe mess off to the left.

shoes 2

The After shot …

I say that you can never have too many pairs of Underwear, Sox, and Shoes. I have plenty of all, in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes.

Underwear is necessary. And I don’t get this trend these days of assless underwear. I would never wear them because I would feel insecure without that little protective coverage on my behind.

It is just one of those little things that keep me up at night.

I have oodles of sox, from all over the world. Some of the best sox, in terms of durability, style, and comfort come from Europe. I have spent a pretty penny, more than hundreds of dollars over the last year in my sock collection. Mostly from Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. Soccer and Rugby socks are all the rage in Europe.

It seems I have too many pairs of shoes, boots, and wellies…

In the jumble photo above, you see what a mess we have been dealing with since forever. In the second photo you see how wonderfully organized the shoes are right now. A very nice change with a little ingenuity and organization.

I have 12 pairs of shoes.

  • 3 sets of combat boots, lace up, zip up and tactical SWATS
  • I have 5 pairs of sneakers, stylish must haves and spent many pretty pennies on them.
  • 3 pairs of wrestling shoes, because, they are collectors items now, since they don’t make this line any longer. I have blue, black and black and orange Adidas.
  • and one pair of winter wellies, that I had to get last winter because of slush and wet shoes.

Part three to follow later …

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