Christmas Wrap Up 2015 Part 1

christmas 2




Well, the sun is shining and it is quite nice outside. A beautiful day for friends and family. However, my good friends who, if they were here, would be here already, are back in Nova Scotia with their kids.

This year was very different in the way of gifts. There were actually things we bought each other, that are useful, and things that we needed. Thankfully, hubby did not shoot his mouth off and spoil his surprise like he did with the phone. Which also took some seriously adept work at getting the gifts in the door, and then wrapped, before I saw them or figured out what they were, because in all honesty, I had no idea what was under the tree.

So this year we have only a couple gifts each:

  • Cuisinart 5 Function Panini Grill (Read: Small Barbeque)
  • Black and Decker fully programmable Coffee maker
  • A grocery rolling cart (that I really wanted)
  • And a Shoe rack for all of my shoes (I really needed that)

Because let’s face it, a boy can`t have too many shoes …

The grocery cart is going to come in very handy, since we will have to cart groceries from IGA which is a WALK from there to home. I have now graduated into Old Fogie Land, dragging my cart to market.

Woo Hoo … I am one of you now !

I have ten minutes to spare before I have to bake the bird for dinner in a few hours. Our good friend Mr. Bill will be here for supper. Our yearly tradition, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Part two will air later tonight …

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