Tuesday … Snowmageddon 2015


Dear cute young man, standing on the platform at Lionel Groulx waiting for a green line train, I admired your saggy pants, and all the effort you went to, to make sure they sagged just right. The fit was good, and your outfit was smart.

And you got on my car, SCORE !!!

The warning of snow was on the table for a few days, and twice they changed the estimations of total snowfall into last night. It was after midnight Monday night that the cloud finally rolled in, and Snowmageddon 2015, began.

It hasn’t snowed this hard for this long in a long time. I remarked that if it got really ugly out, that I wasn’t going to go out today, but I got two phone calls this afternoon confirming that yes, indeed, I would be there this evening.

It was snowing when I left the house. And the plows were making their first passes on major arteries so that traffic and buses could move. But what they plowed from the streets went onto the sidewalks.

In the end, “30 cm plus” of snow fell. And higher totals fell outside the city to the North and East. And as the wind blew, the snow piled higher and higher all over the city.

I bundled up, because it was cold, and thankfully I had a new pair of snow boots that I bought last year to wear.

They came in very handy.

There was snow everywhere. It wasn’t so bad close to home, but on the other end, they had not plowed and there was more than 3 feet of snow on the ground, cars had been buried and sidewalks were nonexistent.

I had to check on Baby Mama’s apartment on the way out and there was three feet of snow mounded up on the balcony that we will need to get rid of when she returns on Friday. I don’t know where you shovel snow, that is sitting on a fourth floor balcony, but to the pavement below, hopefully not on top of a human being.

It was a hard slog through feet deep snow all the way to the church. And people actually showed up. So that was good.

The Year End Report is up on the blog tonight. And the magic number is 19,000 …


And I made 52 weeks of Sundays the best day of the week in writing, because I actually put up 52 posts. That’s a year of Sundays.

It has been a good year. Thanks to all of you for coming and reading, this has been a work of love and devotion, for all these years.

One More Post coming for 2015, and then that’s it.

A New Year opens.