Friday: Day One- Off To A Good Start

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This morning I asked a question on Twitter…

What side of the bed did you get up on this morning?

Today was day one, of the New Year.

I am told, and was told, that every day should begin with prayer.  I heard an old timer say tonight that at this stage of his game, survivng cancer, and still sober, he meditates daily, and that he has stopped praying. His prayer, is the active way he lives his every day life.

They say, if God is to act, then we must make the next right action.And if God is going to speak to us, it is going to come from someone we know.

I trust the God of my understanding. The loving God who acts in my life, through those people close to me, on a daily basis.

I am nothing without good advice and someone always there, to make sure that I don’t fuck it up. And I trust this way of life, because it has served me well. I listen to what I am told, and I listen to certain people who give me direction.

So I did that.

I prayed, and then I waited. God’s timing is perfect.

So this morning I got up with only one planned activity. Baby Mama and the Baby, were returning form New Foundland earlier this afternoon. I had done the shopping for the week, in advance, and also had things to do around the house.

I set off as our friend who picked them up at the airport was coming back home, and we met outside.

It was a happy reunion.

We played, we broke bread, and we laughed. It was clear that the baby missed us, over the holidays, because she was laughing and giggling, and she was all over the place.

My Friday’s have been all over the place, as the situation that was playing out, finally came to a resolution. Tonight, I returned to the Friday Night Meeting, with all of my friends.

My Best Friends.

All I wanted for Christmas was MY family all in one place, happy, sober and free. And that’s exactly what God gave me.

Because I trusted Him.

And what did we talk about, tonight? Again?  God.

I spent time with my best friend, on the way to, and on the way home from, the meeting. That 20 minute walk is the highlight of my week. It is the best part of my week, walking with my best friend.

This week, everyone is back from Holidays. We’ve got some big plans for the new year, and my guys are all reconnecting, and so the year began on the right foot for everyone.

My heart is full.



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