Thursday – It’s Extraordinary that Life is so Ordinary

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The weather has been all over the place this week. We hit an all time low the other night, with a dip to minus – 24c overnight, it was quite frigid. Last night it was downright balmy, in relation to that big dip into the minus category. Tonight, it was a bit colder than it was last night.

It has been a full week of activity. Meetings are beginning to populate after the holidays, across the city. Wednesday night I went to visit the baby, and I have to say, she is adorable. She has long brown hair that we have yet to get cut, so we have resorted to pony tail and the other night, she had pig tails. She’s very aware, and she is beginning to show distinct personality. She is also beginning to find words. She has a few expressions like “I know … Uh Oh! … No, No, No … and Mama …

**** **** ****

Today was a full day of things to do. A friend and I went to see Star Wars, The Force Awakens, this afternoon, in Imax. I don’t get it, that the theatre we went to was not fuller than it was. There were only ten people in that entire theatre for the afternoon showing.

Having seen the first Star Wars movies when they were originally released in the 1970’s and having grown up with all of the films over 48 years of life, I had expectations.

In the end, we learned that there is a lineage. Generations of Jedi, and generations of characters that are new. And the original grouping came back for the story.

The First Order is now the Dark Side. And then there is the Resistance. The battles were epic. The cinematography was absolutely amazing. I wondered out loud, where they found the locations to film such amazing and majestic locations.

There are three new backstories that need to be fleshed out. And the original thread was re-introduced, with the addition of successive generations of family, that also need to be fleshed out.

The film ends with a finding of a certain Jedi by the new young heroine. Which totally leaves the next film to explore.

It is well worth the time and money to see this film. And I haven’t spoiled anything for you …

**** **** ****

I had very little time for transition from film to my weekly Thursday meeting. I dropped off my shopping, and turned around and set off by myself for the meeting.

A very good friend spoke. The last time I heard her share, the take away was, “That she was waiting for her husband to leave!”

She was drinking heavily when she got married, and she took a hostage, who, in time, said to her that “he did not like the woman she became when she drank!”

She eventually found her way to us. And on her first meeting she witnessed two events. A Three year anniversary, which she just could not wrap her head around, how she would stay sober for three years, on her first night. The second, was a Thirty Day chip.

Now that was more manageable. 30 days …

She saw, in the eyes of that particular woman, HOPE.

And that kept her coming back for more. A good thing too.

Because she has grown into a fine woman, who is still married to the man she was waiting for, to leave. He stuck around.

It wasn’t what she said that stuck with me this round, but what the thanker said in his Thank …

“How Extraordinary that life becomes Ordinary …”

Who drank for show, or how many of us drank, and that became notariety, being popular amongst our fellows, because of the amount of liquor that we could throw back …

When in reality, our friends were making comment on that fact that “We drank so much…”

It takes time, and it is also said that for some, we get sober, and we think that now that we are sober, that all of life, is going to be great.

But that isn’t reality, really.

Life comes as Life on Life’s terms. It is not easy, shit happens and we are not impervious to tragedy, in our lives, or in the lives of our friends.

The good thing is, when tragedy strikes in sobriety, we don’t have to drink. In time, we realize that we don’t have to drink over anything, if we stick to the rooms and the people in them.

Sponsors, are truly remarkable people. I see my friends getting sober, and I hear what they have experienced, and they survived tragedy after tragedy, and did not drink.

And that comes down to meetings, friends, and sponsors. Who took time out of their lives to make sure that they stuck and stayed, and that the God of our understanding did what we could not do ourselves.

You never know when God is going to speak, and when He does, it’s gonna come from someone we know, someone close …

When we drank, most of us, well, I did, drank for excitement, for the thrill, and the hope that something BIG was gong to happen.

Well, shit did happen, and for most of us, it wasn’t very good.

We ended up in a room, a room full of alcoholics. And we were the last to know or to admit that we were alcoholics, even though the writing was on the wall all along.

And in the end, we get sober, life goes on, shit happens and we hear a man say to us tonight that:


I never have to drink again.

I love my ordnary life, my husband, my friends, and the baby.

My heart is full.