Sunday Sundries … Good Deed Sunday – Edit : Endings

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It has been downright balmy this weekend. Temps went up into positive territory, and rain followed. Lots of rain …

I should have told this story earlier, but it slipped my mind. I have told you that our Provigo Grocery store on the corner was shutting down, and it has been “ONE VERY LONG GOODBYE!”

On Thursday night, on the way home from St. Matthias, I stopped by the store to say goodbye to my friends. I did not expect what happened in the store. Obviously there was nothing to buy at all, so I stepped up to my friends and began to say that I had come to say goodbye … Then the waterworks started, and we were all crying and sobbing on each others shoulders.

I didn’t know that that goodbye was going to be so difficult. There was light on Friday night, and on Saturday, there was brown paper covering all the windows around the building. Elvis has left the building. More than 45 people are out of a job.

This is a great loss for our neighborhood. But we will adapt, we have no other choice.

**** **** ****

They called for rain last night, and I carried my big umbrella out with me. I stopped at Micky D’s and the Tabamag on my way to the Metro. At the Tabamag, I hung my umbrella from the facing assorted candy boxes, so I could get at my wallet.

I made my purchase, turned around, and walked out of the shop and into the Metro. I got all the way across my transit of two lines going uptown on Orange. I sat down in the car, and thought,

“I left my umbrella at the Tabamag, FUCK !!!”

Thankfully it only drizzled.

I had a baby sitting appointment with the baby this afternoon, and on the way I picked up the umbrella and carried it to the house with me. I did my stint, as my backup arrived, freeing me to leave a bit early to make it back for the evening meeting tonight.

I walked all the way back up the hill to Villa Maria, and once again, realized as I stepped onto the train, that I had left my umbrella somewhere else again !

The text read … “Do you have your umbrella?” No …

The wisdom of the ages dictates that, “if you do a good deed, don’t talk about it, because the charm is lost.”

On the odd occasion, well, really, quite often, I find myself in places with people I love, the people I do whatever I can for, at any moment, for any reason.

I try to always live in the moment. Spontaneity is something most people never get, or they avoid it at all costs.

My friends, the people I love, for what its worth, mean the world to me, because we see each other as human beings. We are also, spiritual beings, having a human existence. And every once in a while, life happens, where love and service collide.

And the SMILE at the other end is PRICELESS !

Life is moving at breakneck speed. And once again, I am called to be present, as I am able. So I am taking care to make sure I don’t over do it again.

We talked last night, about being good to ourselves. Learning from past lessons, has paid off. Now I get to practice those lessons, on future plans.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see with God’s eyes. All one has to do is look with love, at humanity. Then do, DO RIGHT AWAY, what is in front of you, not because you have to, but because you want to, or that you should, because when that moment opens, if you pass it up, you will loose more.

I have a friend, who has a certain world view. She sees herself as less than, a reject and a fuck up. She listens to people make promises they don’t keep, she watches people engage, but when the game gets tough, they walk away.

The other day, I sat with her and I told her that she was loved, and that I would do everything in my power, to help her, as God would want it. Because I believe that everyone in my life, IS a child of God and worthy of respect, love and care.

Basic Humanity 101 …

Sadly, too many people, did not get that memo.

I am truly blessed to have the people I have in my life, who teach me every day, how to be A better man, A better Servant, A better Christian, and a better elder statesman.

Sobriety, this time around, has taught me many lessons.

  • I had the choice of what I was going to do
  • I don’t need approval from those who do not matter
  • I’ve worked damn hard at growing up
  • I trust my advisers, implicitly
  • And I have the best friends in all the world.

My heart is full.

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