Tuesday … Books, Identifiers, Finding Your Way

its a book

It has been snowing for hours now, all day, in fact.

Over the weekend, a storm blew through, the winds were damaging, to life, and property. I was standing on the balcony, and from the looks of it, were were traveling at warp speed, because the Westerlies were blowing the clouds, clipping West to East, The windows were buckling and temps fell steeply overnight into Monday.

Power was knocked out across the Island, and also across the entire province of Quebec. Baby Mama and her entire neighborhood were knocked out for more than twenty hours, into this morning. By dinner time, when I got there today, Hydro Quebec had set a power generator on the corner, just outside the apartment building, providing power to the grid.

When I got to the church tonight, the furnace was out. And it was quite chilly in our room. We had called the super lady, and there really wasn’t anything she could do at the dinner hour. So we all sat, bundled up in coats and hats.

Very uncomfortable…

The discussion of who we identify as, in meetings, is still going on. First it hit the A.A. rooms, and that drama lasted months. But finally came to resolution. Last night, I was at my other fellowship, where most of my sponsees attend, so I attend as well, because there are drugs in my story, the question was raised by a woman who rotates in her own universe, and is stuck in the Me, Me, Me’s and the I, I, I’s, who said she is pissed off because we are a Marijuana Anonymous meeting, and that everybody in the room should identify as such, (read: Marijuana Addicts). Several of our folks, identify as “Potheads” and still others, rattle off an entire list of names they fall under.

We don’t require you to say anything specific. The First and Third traditions, guarantee group unity, and the membership requirement is the same across the entire fellowship system of … The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using or (read: Drinking).

I guess there are some people who did not get the memo.

I did not sit quietly. I said what needed to be said, because I am the elder statesman in that room, and the only, longest clean and sober member, and a voice of reason and experience. That did not go over very well, because people do not take criticism very easily, but truth is truth, at the end of the day.

So that is a thing …

Tonight, we finished our read of Living Sober. A very good book that every newcomer should read, upon first entering the program, because it offers a way out of misery and answers a bevy of questions and concerns one might have about, “What the fuck do I do now, and how the fuck do I live, in soberland, and not drink again?”

Well, there are many suggestions.

We got the the last two chapters. Using the Steps, and finally, Finding One’s Way. it is funny that “Finding your way” is the last chapter and not the first. I gather that we are supposed to read the book, and take in, very sage and wise advice, then, with those tools in the box, we then get to “find our way.”

It is also interesting, reading this text again, just how reliant I am on it’s suggestions and tools, even to this day. And I also see how many of those “suggestions” in that book, I actually use in every day life!

When I came in, AGAIN, I did exactly what I was told to do.

  • I got involved
  • I joined several Home Groups, which I am still a member 14 years later.
  • I built my LIFE around my MEETINGS, I still live on that plan to this day
  • Everything I have came from the rooms
  • I’ve never had to go outside the circle for anything, ever…

Over the years, I’ve had people come here and rail on the program and rip it and me to shreds on their respective sites. But we heard tonight from the people around the table, “where can you go, for a hour or several hours a day, and sit with like minded people, who have been there and done that, and that you can identify with and listen to, and learn from, and live a wonderful life, all for $1.00 an hour?”

Where can you find Honest, Sober Life enhancing, life coaching, that WORKS for just a dollar an hour? A DOLLAR or a Toonie … ???

Fuck, what would the world look like if everyone took the time to invest in the work we do together, it would absolutely change the face of the earth, in ways you would never imagine.

The dollar or the toonie is absolutely voluntary. We are self supporting through our own contributions.

That is why we do this. So that we don’t end up as fucked up and the world is in real time these days. Our work changes lives.

If it weren’t for the program and the people in it, I would not be the man I am today.

Hands Down … God’s Honest Truth …

Gratitude …




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