Friday … A Disturbance in the Force


This is my cousin Carol.

There is a force in the cosmos. Something much greater than myself. For some reason, the force is strong in my family. And for the whole of my life, I have had visitations of family who have passed over, once they are gone. This is the case, in every single loved one I have lost in my life.

  • When my uncle Paul died, he returned to my uncle and their family.
  • When my Grandfather Alexander died, he came back to my family.
  • When my Grandmother Jennie died, she came back to me and she stayed with me for a very long time. This was proven by a medium twice.
  • When my Grandmother Camille died, she came back and I channeled her for weeks on end.
  • When my Aunt Georgette died, she returned to me, HERE in this apartment.

I am fully aware of Omens, when they speak. I can see the signs, and I know what they mean. I am fully aware the subtle shift in the energy around me when the Omens show up and when I get a solid message from them.

The other night, I was standing on my balcony outside, and a shift occurred. It was real, I felt it happen, and I felt it inside of me, a great feeling of sadness, and loss. It was an acute feeling, and it stayed with me.

Over the last month, an Omen appeared on my balcony, a very familiar Omen that has come in the past. I heard the message. And I’ve been paying attention to it ever since.

Three days ago, my cousin Carol, who has been sick with Cancer, had a stroke. At one time, we were told she was terminal and was going to die. The family that mattered connected. We took action to do what we needed to do for her.

The day the stroke happened, eerily coincided with what I was feeling here. I felt it shift. She is in Connecticut. I am in Montreal. I soon learned from my other cousin who lives in British Columbia Canada, got the same feeling herself, that something was off and that something was just not right.

Carol, ended up in the hospital, unconscious last night. The doctors said that there was nothing that they could do for her and that it was just a matter of time. This morning around 5:30 a.m. Carol passed.

It has been a lifetime, that I haven’t seen Carol. Probably since the night when my Uncle Leo got married, or better yet, when my Grandfather Emory died. Those were the last two times, all of the family were in the same place.

Carol was part of my life when I was a child. My brother, myself, and the cousins, before we moved south to Florida. She visited with us several times, throughout my childhood. But at one point, my father had alienated family out of our lives, because he had no family and could not stand the family he inherited, basically, because they all wanted me to live and succeed, and he was hell bent on my destruction. And He didn’t want their influence on my mother, who he was grooming to be an American wife that he wanted. That she was Canadian, was not an asset but a liability.

So, another death, another family member gone.

I knew it was coming, I felt it happen. Now she is gone.

The sinking feeling that I have right now is this …

The Omens come to me and to others. We feel the subtle shifts in familial energy. One day, those omens are going to speak again, but this time, the news they relay, will hit far closer than I may like, and I am not sure, how I am going to deal with that.

I know what the right thing to do is, and time is of the essence. I am just powerless to be able to speak, as I think I should, to those whom I do not matter.

Utter Sadness …

Eternal Rest Grant her and may Perpetual Light shine upon her.

Goodbye cousin …

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