Sunday Sundries … Reboot

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Phillips Island Australia …

The weather has been on our side that past few days. Today, it was downright balmy, with a little drizzle on the way home.

We have been on a really good trend this past week. After our group conscience a couple of weeks ago, we reworked the format, we dropped old literature, and opted for solution based material instead.

Tonight was our first run through of the new Rebooted Format. Since it was the last Sunday of the month, we began our Step/Speaker format tonight.

The room was full and everybody was really receptive to the reboot. We ran a bit long, and therefore, at the business meeting afterwards, we talked about what tweaks we need to make, and how we need to concentrate on “timing” so that we get everything in. We need to re order a few items, because like I said, we went long, because I wanted to see how the flow would be.

We added a few new items to the list of “things to do” that have to happen before we send the basket around. As it read, when the basket starts we loose the momentum and the attention of the room. People take that cue as it is “time to go” therefore they are not paying attention to anything else.

So we need to renumber the order and cut the time for the room sharing, to Seven Fifteen, to give us enough time to finish the script, twelve step rep, read the promises, and give some closing remarks, THEN pass the basket.

All in All it was a good start. People are excited that we are going to new literature and solutions, instead of the problem and the disease. The reboot leans heavily on the newcomer and how we can help them and get them to STAY.

The new French meeting that we are sponsoring, begins on the 11th of February. They are a sister meeting, on the French side, following the same format, only in French, we are going to be administering their finances within Sunday Niters, so they don’t have to worry about banking and all that crap right now. We shall see how that works.

I have been asked to be the new treasurer fo both groups, as our matriarch is ending her term and becoming GSR for the Sunday Meeting and alternating for the French meeting. Both meetings are part of our area (19) but each GSR only gets one vote when necessary at the GSR level, even if we represent two groups.

Lots of good stuff to look forward too in February.

Most importantly, Spring coming as soon as it can. We haven’t had any big snows lately and there is no massive snow in the weekly outlook, as of tonight.

Let us Pray …


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