Thursday … You Can`t Fly on One Wing

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Monday, Environment Canada put up warnings that we were going to get big snow followed by sleet and freezing rain, that would, in fact, impact traffic and travel, Tuesday night, through Wednesday. The TV people were parroting those same weather warnings as well. People were freaking out, and that is never very good.

Yes, it did snow, accidents did happen, and it also rained. The temps rose to a positive 9c degrees, that same day. When I got up, there was very little snow on the ground, a dusting, you might call it, and it was pissing rain.

The warnings did go up, the rush hour was a mess, but a major warning that is put up days before an event, never bodes well for us as a city. In most cases, they get it wrong, and people die because of them.

By Wednesday, I had been feeling a little bit Blah, I was feeling old, and I sat with that, I spent most of Wednesday sleeping, I guess I needed it.

I got up to do laundry that was about it.

Today, I had things to do, people to see, and possibly a meeting as well. I had not planned on the meeting, but I was sitting with one of my guys, and he asked if we were going to the meeting, thinking quick, I said, yes, we’ll hit the meeting.

It was a really good thing we did, because tonight’s speaker just drove home the conversation we began at Timmy’s an hour prior.

The take away … “You Can’t Fly on One Wing …”

If you are an alcoholic, you might understand this sentence.

Alcoholism is called Alcoholism, not Alcoholwasum.

All of us agree on one thing, most of us cannot fathom having just “one drink” and leaving it at that, or drinking “some” wine, or “some” liquor. Drinking for many of us IS an all or nothing proposition.

Our man tonight, spoke about stopping at a bar one night, knowing that he was not going to have just one drink, If he was in for one, he was in for two, then he was in for twelve … for that matter.

“You Can’t Fly on One Wing ….”

That night, after years of hostages and drinking and drugging his desire for not wanting to be alone, a thread that leads from the beginning to the bitter end, follows him into the bar. Drunk and stupid, he propositions the bar maid.

She turned to him, and gave him a withering look of utter disgust.

He went home alone that night. The good thing was that in a way she did go home with him, figuratively, when he woke the next morning, it was the visual of her face of disgust, that was burned into his brain.

Then a moment of clarity …

Our man called his father, who had been sober, since he was thirteen, told him to come to us, and find some “friends.” He did that. That was not his last drink, though, a few more would follow, but he is sober today.

His father, God willing, will celebrate 50 years sober this Spring.

Our man knew the drill, had a sober family member in the house, and time under his belt in Alateen. He watched his father bring a meeting into their house for years before it finally settled where it is today, THEN. It wasn’t like he did not know what alcoholism was.

But he became an alcoholic, and spent the better part of thirty years, drinking.

But for the grace of God, today he is married to a fine woman, from the rooms, now twenty years. He also said, that he wasn’t sure if he could have a relationship with a “civilian.”

I sat with my friend, who is embarking on hopeful marriage and career, who heard our man tonight, tell his story.

Warning Lights were flashing …

God has great sense of timing, in everything that HE does.

Two friends took cakes tonight. One a woman we all know and love, took nineteen years. It has been a very hard year. She buried her son last fall from a drug overdose, and like her sponsor said tonight …

Through all that pain and misery, she did not drink, and that she stayed in the “middle of the boat.”

Most people never find their way to the rooms, and they end up dead. Even if we are family or friends. Sad but True.

One of my mentors, a man I love, took his twenty six year cake as well. His story is another that remains in the front of my brain.

It was a good night.

“You Can’t Fly on One Wing…”

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