Sunday Sundries … Episode 1 – Azur

This morning with great fanfare, the STM, our Metro Operator rolled out the new Azur Metro Cars. They are sleek, and stylish. The cars are big and roomy, with interactive screens for station and progress information. On the doors are lights that show door progression, from White, in motion, to Green, for open doors, and Red for closing doors, with the familiar closing door chime, which is used across the fleet on the Orange line. They are brightly lit, and have new door confirgurations, the doors slide on the outside of the train car, instead of the old rolling inside the pocket frame of the car itself, which gives the windows much more prominance.

A member of the STM staff took photos of us on the outboud trip, so as soon as they upload them to their site, I will post them here.

We met the Train/Metro at Georges Vanier Station, which is at the bottom of the hill, right down from home. Here are the photos I took.


Azur 4

The Approaching Train …

Azur 3

The gang of three, minus me, our friend Matt and hubby on the Metro.

Azur 2

Hubby and myself, with Matt the photographer.

Azur 1

The Train, at the Terminus, Cote Vertu, for the track switch. We waited on the outbound side and rode the train back towards home.

Azur 7

Azur 6

We were in the first car. These are the views from the cab, looking into the tunnel ahead. One, at Plamondon Station, and Two, the train in motion, in the tunnel.  There were too many people trying to get “the shot” kind of people in the way photo.

Overall, we were very pleased with the new trains. They will make the transits much easier, with more space, wider doors, and they are wheelchair acessible, in as wide. Now the STM needs to finish adding elevators to the rest of the stations, to allow everybody access to the underground system.

There are a number of elevator projects in various states of “build” but are not quite ready for usage. Which is a shame.

More to come, later this evening.

Stay Tuned …

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