Friday …Everybody Struggles

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Courtesy: Flickr James Clear

It has been a full week of things to do, people to see, meetings to hit, and once again, lessons learned along the way.

This is exactly how we are feeling tonight. A little cold, a little snow, but not as bad as they had warned it would be, however, we will see minus twenties tomorrow night. We had been warned that temps would drop off tonight, and get really bitter out, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Snow has been falling steadily all night long. And that has moderated how cold it got tonight. Snow was piling up on sidewalks, but not enough to warrant plows or city work to clear them. So we plodded along.

I did not make all my visits this week. The flu is going around, and it was hit and miss in the middle of the week, and I spent more time sleeping then I did anything else, whenever I could sleep.

The “February misery” is in full swing and my friends, well, some of them, are down in the dumps and I just don’t have the patience or strength to sit and get into the misery pot with them, so I have just stayed away …

Winter, it seems, decided to come, however late. last night a veiled warning came from the tv people that by Tuesday, something big was possible, meaning …


I ventured out Thursday night, last night, to my regular meeting, and heard a friend of mine share. On Tuesday we read from the Big Book, and the story in the back of the book called … “Women suffer too …”

Last night, my lady friend told a story that I was not aware of when she came in, but it does relate to our first meetings together, and what shape she was really in, then, and I had no idea. Things were a bit rough for us and I was on my way to changing homegroups at the time, so I really did not hang around for the story.

I went to run some errands for another fellowship on the way out, that did not pan out, because of missed people who needed to be present. So we will make another attempt next week. I had time to kill, so I took the long way round the city on the Orange line, instead of the two train switch. I was hoping to get to ride on the new train again, but alas, that did not happen today.

I met with Rafa for our Friday coffee conversation. We talked about F.O.I.A. inquiries into the Syrian resettlement plans that the government has undertaken. And just how much money they are spending in resettlement, healthcare, jobs and assistance.

In several locations, (read: Armed Forces Bases) they have moved soldiers from their barracks, into hotels. Read (Killing local Tourism) Meanwhile, they are renovating the barracks, for civilian use, and not only that, they are spending chunks of cash on building Mosques in cities where there are none, to accommodate the refugee population, meanwhile, back at home, the government is killing and closing Catholic churches, and ending programs, and turning away our own, in our own cities, and our own traditions and the faith of a country, (read:Catholicism), and unbeknownst to the greater population at large, they are building faith communities for people they are trying to resettle here in Canada.

They are not asking them to assimilate. But in Quebec, assimilation is what is required to live here, in no uncertain terms. It doesn’t sound that way in other places. Let’s just spend millions of dollars on building communities for refugees and meanwhile, screw over your own population.

Now, I am not saying that this is not a good idea, but when you take from your own and strip religion and customs from your own people, and strip away monies and services, and turn around and plunk massive cash into religious congregations,and buildings in order to carry a foreign faith structure into Canada, that’s when I wonder just what they are trying to do.

There are plenty of Canadian population that live in Third world conditions, in our First world country. And the government does nothing to help them, AT ALL. People go without proper shelter, food, healthcare, and assistance and nobody has any power to affect change in these situations.

Our Liberal government decided to resettle ten of thousands of refugees here in Canada, that was an election promise. But now we are hearing what they are really up, behind the scenes, because of FOIA requests.

Since this resettlement program began, Immigration and Resettlement, has been very reticent to actually tell its people, ITS OWN CITIZENS, just what they are doing, how much money they are spending, and for what …

I am all for helping the underdog.

Not good at all …

I also think that more money needs to come to bear from other countries in this coalition to help those in need. And our government in Canada, really needs to sit down and re-evaluate their own populations needs and take care of our own, who have gone without for so long, (read: Generations).

If Truth and Reconciliation is our guide, we need to step up and do right by those who are still suffering to this day with sub standard living situations.


You can’t justify spending billions of dollars on refugees and not take care of your own. But the government would say that what we do, is different from the rest. And that we must do this to be better Canadians as a whole …

Yet, your own people go without.

If this information we are now reading gets to the greater population, at large, confidence in our new Prime Minister is going to sink, and sink quickly. And once confidence is lost, the fall of the government is next, and another election will be in the cards.

Just a few thoughts, that have run amok, a bot off topic, but there you have it.

A good night was had by all.





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