Saturday – Max Rebooted


I think you all know about MAX … The name I gave to my computer some time ago. With the tax refund we got this year, hubby spent a pretty penny on buying me a brand new computer, fresh with mega memory and Windows 10.

It took hours and hours to set Max back up, moving all my files from his old box to his new box. This morning, after watching status bars crank and files moves from there to here, we are ready to rock and roll.

Max’s old box and innards are more than a decade old. And this is what he looks like today, I have to say that I am less than pleased with the factory keyboard that was provided with the new system. I would rather have had the ability to use my old ergonomic keyboard that is much larger than this little thing I am trying to get used to using.

Along with Max comes his brother the Evil Laptop of Scott Evil.

If you get this Austin Powers reference, you get 100 points.

I am really grateful that hubby thinks about everything I might need, over the past month, he has let slip the lengths he has gone to to see to my safety and care, should something happen to him.

More to come, later, but for now, BED !!!

Goodnight Y’all …