Wednesday … Max is Complete

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What do I have, to bring, after hubby spent an inordinate amount of money updating computers and laptops this month? Off the top of my head, I cannot think of anything of substance I can bring to the table, to match what has been given.

Except gratitude …

What do you do in this situation? I don’t know.

The brand new monitor came yesterday, and it is HUGE …. and bright.

I feel like a rock star, compliments of hubby and our tax returns.

The past piece of the upgrade puzzle came in the mail today. The adapter for my old keyboard, so that I did not have to remain with the one that came with the new box.

Now I can type like I have always typed. I buffed the keyboard and cleaned it up, so it kind of looks new. But I am still using an eraser as a foot for the broken one. UGH!

I did house chores this afternoon and then headed out for my weekly dinner with Baby mama and Lu Lu. Friday we get her definite departure date. Then we can begin planning the move back, and the emptying the apartment of everything that we put into it when she moved back here last year.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at Maison Plein Coeur, an AIDS support center here in the city. I have never tapped those specific resources before, because I have never needed them. A very long time ago, I applied to work for an organization here when I first moved here over a decade ago, but they told me I was unqualified to work for them.

Hell, I had been POZ for more than ten years, not sure how unqualified that makes me to serve a specific community.

My Sober Lady friend who joined the masseur group where she lived, who will be working with me in the future, asked the director to see me, so I see him tomorrow.

Lots to do in the next few days.

My I Tunes guru is coming on Friday to help me with my tunes, because I can’t seem to make them work correctly. I have so much music on my hard drive, but getting that music from my I tunes to my phone has not worked for me.

More to come tomorrow.

Just a little update.




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