Thursday …Friends, Packages, and Snow in March

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The beautiful weather we had been having recently, ended last night. The clouds rolled in, and this morning, snow began to fall … On March 24th … SNOW !

Two systems ran through Ontario, they got slammed, then into Quebec. They called for the trifecta of misery, Snow, Freezing Rain, and more Rain, on top of that. Warnings went up for Freezing Rain across the board. No rain has fallen yet tonight, but it did snow all day long and dropped about 5 cm of snow. Just enough to be a pain in the ass.

By Easter Sunday we will see double digit positive temps with lots of sun for the next few days. Hopefully, this is Mother Nature’s Last blow of Winter.

I have been waiting, impatiently for a couple of packages to arrive. Seeing this is a holiday weekend, everything stops tomorrow afternoon. And if they did not get here today, they would not get here until next Tuesday. Because Monday is a holiday here.

I checked twice, throughout the day, and no joy. When I left for the meeting, my mail box was full, and in it was the key to the package cabinet. YES !!!

I have finished reading Reza Aslan’s Zealot, The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. And within that book, the scholar cites several other texts he is reading and including in this religious/academic study of Jesus. When I got to the end of the book the other day at the doctors office, the entire latter section of the book is end notes. And what end notes they were. All the citations and explanations of where he got his info and from whom. Out of that read, I ordered two new books to read, One, The Book of Enoch the Prophet by R.H. Charles. Enoch is a text that was edited OUT of the biblical canon when the bible was originally codified. The Second, The Book of Ezra, another text Reza uses in his book. Both are slim volumes, but I am sure will be interesting reads, nonetheless.

Once you start the academic process IN university, it usually follows that your education WILL continue well after you leave the building. That has definitely been the case for me and many of my scholarly friends in the Religion and Theology fields. Once a student, always a student, even if your degree means nothing, and you can’t find a decent job in your chosen degree field.

falcon blue (1)

I got notice that my Adidas Trainers were available in BLUE, and were located in North America. So I scored another pair of sneakers, and a few odds and ends. I did some clothes shopping as well. If I shop for shirts, they must be wearable throughout the year, and pay off in the Winter. My particular seller had stock in colors I did not have so I add four more shirts to my closet soon.

**** **** ****

Most folks in the circle are traveling today and tomorrow for the holiday, so I imagine turnout is going to be slim all weekend. Family holidays are important, but alcoholics can only take so much family time, before they either crack, or run for the hills.

Which is why it is so important to have the rooms open all weekend.

I met one of my friends for the trip out and the meeting. He and his girlfriend are heading to Quebec City tomorrow for the weekend. So he squeezed in the meeting, while she was home finishing up some work and packing.

A good friend was in the chair. Someone I have known from the day he walked in a few years ago. Hearing your friends share on a grand scale is always great.


He spoke about the obsession … The obsession of drugs and alcohol.

Once you introduce alcohol to begin with, the more one drinks, if drugs are waved under our noses, the odds are high, that we are going to partake.

So the simple obsession for alcohol, is only exacerbated by further drug use.

Some have said that they drank, and drank, and drank some more, then participated in recreational drug use, that for most, became severely intense. And when you mix the two, and I’ve heard it twice in the same room, that once you cross into drugs, the words “organized crime” usually follow.

Every alcoholic has at least one of these … A GEOGRAPHIC

We’ve all done it, some have done it way better than the rest of us. They don’t always stay in North America ( read: U.S. or Canada ). Some go all out and head to other locations around the world, for one reason or another.

Reason One: Moving out of the home
Reason Two: So that my friends don’t impede my alcohol/drug use
Reason Three: To get away from my parents always over my shoulder

My friends father, has been IN for over thirty years. And never once pushed them on him. But when times got tough, he stood tough and watched. Coming to the end, dad did say to his son, you can always hit a meeting you know, it might do you some good, but that was it.

Eventually my friend hit that Brick Wall. And turned around and asked dad to bring him to a meeting. He did what everyone does. Comes in, takes a chip, does some service, but in his case, he did not engage.

Read: No Home group, No Sponsor, and No Steps.

He wanted to stop drinking, But he did not want to be sober.

So he went through the motions, until one night he found himself sitting in a bar, with a beer in front of him on the table. He once heard a shrink say to him that if he left the tank, and went back out and drank again, that they would soon see him back in for the rest of his life.


Sometimes it only takes presence, and other times, it only take a sentence. Once again, fragments are in action here.

Sitting in that bar that night, with a beer beckoning, he heard that shrink speak to him, and he thought to himself, “If I drink this beer, nothing is going to change.”

He walked out of the bar, and got himself to the next meeting.

At a particular meeting my friend was approached for a seventeen week Step series, but in order to do that, one needs a sponsor. So he hit both needs in the same breath.

He did the work. And he got sober, despite himself.

Eventually, he is sober a little while, and he goes into the toilet mentally, watching other people get sober, and get “Things, or People, or Stuff,” and asks himself, why isn’t he getting those things too?

Why? Because things and people and stuff comes on God’s time, not our time.

That funk lasted a while until he smartened up and began to communicate better with his sponsor. Then, like many of us, somewhere on our sober timeline, we begin working with others. That is the pay out of getting and staying sober, we get to share it with our men and women in the rooms.

Sometimes working with others is like pulling teeth. That has been the way with me. Most folks have no time or desire to get connected. No matter how often I give my phone number out.

But there came a time when I proactively walked up to a newcomer, (Read: My friend who was sitting next to me tonight) and gave my number and told him to call me.

Our man tonight lauds the effort WE should make in making connections, and not sitting back waiting for them to come to us. I share that observation.

Story …

Last month I needed a speaker for a Step meeting, and I asked one of my friends to do the job. He was IN but not engaged. He was showing up, but not working. So he went home that night, when I asked him to speak, and he did his homework. He spoke the following Sunday.

Since then, my friend got the bug. He went to a meeting, and found a sponsor, whom he calls every day and they are both IN THE BOOK, now.

You never know when you are going to help someone into the work, indirectly.

It may not be sunshine and roses every day.

But if we did not drink, or use drugs today, it was a good day.

With a little snow on the ground, it was a good day.

Gratitude is the attitude, if you don’t have gratitude every day, you have nothing.

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