Sunday Sundries … Easter Sunday


Skies are blue, the temps are up. It was a stellar weekend to be outside. It will be a week of Spring rain, to wash away all the leftover snow and salt from the sidewalks. Last night we sat a very small number, as was expected.

However, this evening, we sat a full house. We are beginning to see a merge of folks from the French meeting on Thursday, into the Sunday meeting in English. Over the last week, a gathering was held at my friends apartment building to introduce the forty five folks who showed up, THE WORK, as we do it.

And now, folks are lining up for sponsors, and appointments to begin reading the Book. This is a good sign. The French side is much more interested in The Work, than the English side is. Old timers, and people, who think they know whats good for them, debate the merit of The Work, from the perspective of …

I’ve read the book, just how much more information can you wrest from it ???

Our Answer … A great deal, if you read the book with us.

The last Sunday of the month, brings us right up to the Step of the month. And our speaker talked about Step Three.

Made a decision, to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God, as we understood Him.

Everyone, well most folks, in time, develop their own take on a Power Greater than themselves. For some, it is God. Yet for others, it is Not. For as many people that sit in any given room, on any given night, there is a conception of a Higher Power.

I just know that God is part of my life. I know that without a shadow of a doubt. Someone, beyond my scope of understanding, is calling the shots, because I am still alive, to this date. So what do I attribute this to? Good medication, a little Faith, a little God, someone who takes care of me and people who love me?

A little thank you for life in the morning, a little thank you at the end of the day, and a Heaping spoonful of gratitude, sprinkled generously throughout the day is the recipe.

If you aren’t praying, I wonder why Not ? And if you aren’t praying, it is a forgone conclusion that you sure as shit aren’t meditating.

They go hand in hand.

When most folks come, they are beaten into the ground. They have, in some form or fashion, said to the universe that, “I am beaten.” “I need help.” Those words have been said, in one way or another.

I’ve seen people come, and for YEARS battle with God, I’ve seen this happen. Old ideas run strong in pig headed people, who want nothing better than to hold on to old pain and grudges against God, that they cannot see the forest for the trees.

Those who never, or won’t let go, usually end up back out the door at some point.

If you are a drunk, or a drug addict, and you hit rock bottom, and you are still alive, then something, somewhere, did for you what you could not do for yourself, because you are here now. Does that make sense to you ???

There is something that keeps us breathing. In spite of all the damage we have done to ourselves. Maybe it is God, maybe it is not.

But I have come to the conclusion, for me, that there IS a God, and I am not He.

Let go and Let God they say.

For some, this is an epic battle for supremacy and willfulness.

I just know life works better when I step back and allow God to do His thing for me.

I know this, because I have all that I need. Without a drop overflowing.

He is Risen, Hallelujah !!!