Friday … Meditation, Try It


The rain finally rained itself out. And it has been cool today and into this evening. We are sitting at (6c). The next three nights, the temps are going to plummet (-9c,-12c,-14c) over the next three nights.

Mother Nature is taking the piss again.

Friday is usually a busy day, that runs until we step into the hall for the Friday Night Event of the week. This afternoon’s conversation with one of my guys, we read through Steps 10 and 11, tonight’s read and discussion was all about Step 11, meditation and creating and bettering our relationship with our Higher Power, (as we understand it).

Before kick off, I spoke to a friend of mine who is divorced, and has a 4 year old. It was Easter and we compared notes. The baby got her first taste of chocolate and other Easter candy this year, and when it was time to go, she was left in her mother’s hands. And she bounced “off the walls” for hours before finally going to sleep. My friend had his daughter over the weekend, and he did the same, (read: Contraband candy and chocolate) then handed her off to her mother, whence madness took over and the bouncing off the walls, as well.

We had a good laugh…

Over the years, I have tried to work on a routine where quiet time is built into my day.  There are times during the day when I sit quietly. I don’t usually watch tv during the day, which is useful. I have instituted a NO Politics Policy when I am home.

In the morning, I am home alone, and I have those first couple of hours to sit still and ponder my day, and what needs to be done, and if there is nothing I really need to do, then horizontal meditation is my goal.

I find that meditation comes quite easily when I am in the bathroom. When I stand in front of my mirror, I speak the names of people who bring me comfort or who have a direct impact on my life. By thinking/speaking/ a name, I offer that thought to God, and I do that daily.

Moments of gratitude for what those people did for me.

The story about Todd and the Bar, and his direction to leave my baggage at the door, and only focusing on the job I had to do inside the building. When I think about that now, that was a form of meditation. I was able to let go my worries of dying and of living, opting for only thinking about what I needed to do on any given night, for a specific period of time.

During this time, I certainly tried to be willful and get my way, and piss and moan and complain, and I did that often, but with lessons learned, I was able to stop KVETCHING and just do my job, and that was it.

As long as I had that structure with someone administering that direction I was good to go. But when I was on my own, left to my own devices, it all went to SHIT.

I had to walk my road, I guess.

Now the second time around, I have those people in my life, who give me certain direction and keep me on the path, correctly. I’ve learned that my bank of lessons and teachings is vast and full. And it is my job to use those lessons OFTEN.

At the end of the night, hubby goes to bed at a set hour of the night, which gives me a chance to settle down and to begin the quiet. The tv goes off, the day is wound down, I run my final online cycle, then I shut the computer off.

I prep my jug of water, my fresh fruit that I eat before bed, I wash the final dishes, shut off the lights, and turn in for the night.

I get into bed, and I read …

That is so important, to have that few hours, or maybe just an hour, to read. The radio is either on or off, depending on the material being offered on any given night.

When I turn the lights out finally, the days routine is over.

In the morning, it starts all over again.

Wash, rinse, repeat…

There are also prayers, fragments, slogans, and mantras, that are located within visual range of my desk, and at a moments notice, I can just look up and take that moment to repeat whatever it is I am looking at.

Sometimes I parse prayers, or fragments, into bite sized pieces.

When we pray, we speak our words to God, then we are called to meditate, and we listen for God to respond. Sometimes inspiration comes, sometimes it doesn’t.

In that case, I need to seek His voice from my friends, MEETINGS …

It all works, the harder you work it.

That is your challenge.

It was a good night.